Here are some of the places you can hear me speak coming up:

Eden Hot Springs — this is the very best place to hear me speak, bar none.  I’ll be talking about new economy business models, entrepreneurial archetypes and how to identify and create your own.
Here’s where you may have seen me:
Lightning in a Bottle – May 28-May 31 – Irvine, CA – speaking about the integration of life and business and how you can stop living a double life and be who you are all the time while making plenty of money to support yourself and your work in the world.
Lisa Sasevich’s Speak to Sell Bootcamp – June 9-11 in San Diego, CA – speaking about the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax foundations you need to have in place to support your life and business if you want to relax into taking it seriously without stressing out about it.
Next Step Integral Community Retreat – August 9-14, Whidby Island, WA – speaking about the intentional community we are creating here in Colorado and online – the practices, the container, the conflict resolution.

You are going to love having me speak to your community because I’m going to make you look great, provide phenomenal, actionable content for your audience, and leave your peeps wanting to attend every event you ever put on.

Plus, when I speak at your event, I am 100% invested in its success and won’t be able to help but give you coaching around how to get more people there. And it’ll very likely be in the top 3 of the best coaching you’ve ever received.

Video, stage, phone, radio, TV – you name it and I’m happy to be there. I have 3 different content-rich presentations you can choose from depending on your audience and your desired outcome.

If you’d like me to speak to your group, email [email protected] and let my team know the size of your group, the specifics of your community, the dates and the medium.

If it’s a fit, we will schedule a pre-event consultation during which we’ll choose the right presentation for you. Also during our pre-event consult, we’ll brainstorm and strategize the marketing of your event. I’ll be 100% invested in your success and can’t help but give you coaching around how to get more people there. It’s what I do. 

Plus, we’ll talk about how I’ll market your event to my highly responsive community.

So, Want Me to Speak at Your Event?

You can pay me a speaker’s fee or I can sell from the stage in lieu of the fee.

  • You Pay Me
    My fee is $10,000 and you pay for first class travel for two from Denver, CO.
  • I Sell From Your Stage
    If you have at least 100 people attending your event who are the right market for one of my offerings (service providers in small and solo run businesses), I can offer my LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit and/or Money Map to Freedom Program (or you will wrap it into your offer and pay me a percentage based on your sales) and I will waive my speaking fee.

Here’s a video of me speaking.

Or, Do You Want to Interview Me on a Teleseminar?

Have a community of at least 10,000 people and get at least 100 people on your teleseminars? I’d love to host a call with you for your peeps.

Your community will love my content-rich presentations. At the end of the call, I will offer either my Money Map to Freedom program or my LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit (or a special combo) at a special price just for your folks and you will receive a commission on each product sold.

Contact my relationship manager by email at [email protected] to find out my availability. Be sure to let her know the size of your community and the dates for the teleseminar (or if you are flexible).

Before the call, we will have a pre-teleseminar strategy session during which we will discuss promotion of the teleseminar event, which presentation you’d like me to give, and a post-event follow up campaign.

I’ve successfully launched & sold a couple million dollars worth of programs, products and courses via teleseminar over the past three years. I think you’ll get a lot out of our pre-teleseminar session. If you don’t, I’ll refund your money in full. 

But really, I do guarantee the pre-teleseminar strategy session is going to rock your socks and be the best launch strategy/coaching you’ve ever had.

It’s my gift to you for inviting me to speak with your community.

If You Want Me on Your Radio Show

I love radio. Especially call-in radio. I’m not so interested in morning drive time unless it’s Howard Stern calling. In which case, I’m totally there. Any time.

Everyone else: 10am MT until 4p MT are my ideal times and I am willing to do some evenings.

Email [email protected] to schedule.

If You Want Me on Your Television Show, Web Show or Video

I love to do TV. You invite me to get in front of the camera and as long as it’s G-rated and you’ll get me there first class, I’m in.

Contact [email protected] to inquire as to my availability.

You can see how I do on TV here.

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