My life is about the discovery of how to work, live and love in community.  I’m done doing it alone and I’m always looking for the right people to partner with.

Here are some ways you can partner with me:

1. Invest in the intentional community/farm I am creating in Colorado.

Time, money and energy are all welcome.  We are creating an intentional, sustainable community near Boulder, CO that will be a model of a new way of living.

Email [email protected] and let us know about your interest in the community and how you might contribute and we will get back with you.

2. Become an affiliate of my Money Map and/or LIFT programs and get paid to tell your community about my courses.

Sign up to share LIFT with your community.

3. Hire me to coach/consult you. (not currently avail)

I often end up co-creating/collaborating/partnering with people I coach.  It’s just a natural extension of that relationship. Contact [email protected] to check on availability.

I’m very likely the best and most affordable (relative to my caliber, which means still quite expensive for most people) one on one business strategist, coach, consultant you will find, which means my availability is VERY limited.

I tend to reserve my private coaching/consulting for people who are already partnering with me in some way, but if you are committed to receiving my support because you know that I can catapult you to exactly where you want to go (because I have done it), reach out and tell us that so we can find the space for you.

I LOVE working with high achieving people who are right on the cusp of it and can immediately leverage the information and experience I have gained over ten years of being a lawyer, online entrepreneur, and media personality.

A few of the people who have benefited from my guidance and their experience and results:

Max Simon: Took his business from losing $4,000/mo to $500,000 in annual revenue in just a few short months.

Kendall Summerhawk: Masterminded the creation and launch of a 6-figure certification program.

Elizabeth Purvis: Coached her to step into the truth of her divine feminine and launch Goddess Business School.

Manisha Thakor:  Guided Manisha to embrace more of herself and connect to her audience at a much deeper level, increasing her connection and impact substantially while letting go of a business model that was not serving Manisha or her work.

Philippa Kennealy, the MD Entrepreneur: Supported Philippa to hire the team she needed to be able to release her nanny, spend time with her daughter each day and still make the mid six figures she needs to support her lifestyle.

Tripp Lanier:  Added thousands of people to his email list, re-designed his offers and filled his coaching practice.

Lisa Sasevich: Added a key component to her teleseminar methodology that has likely added tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to her bottom line.

Laura Roeder: Made the decision to attend Marie Forleo’s first Rich Happy and Hot Mastermind leading to her now in partnership with Marie.

Hundreds of lawyers have experienced the transformation of going from a document drafter struggling to make it each month into thriving entrepreneurs who are loved by their clients and love the work they are doing in the world.

Email my team if you would love my support in your business.  [email protected] and be sure to tell us why you are ready to make the investment to receive one on one support from me.

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