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For most of my business life, I avoided looking at the legal, insurance, financial and tax parts of my business because it simply felt too hard.  I had to learn the hard way that what’s really too hard is the pain of broken relationships.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.  Sure, there will always be misunderstandings in business, but with your LIFT Foundation in place, they will stay that way and not escalate into full blown emotional or legal wars.

Inner conflict is as painful as external conflict; when you LIFT your business, you won’t worry about either.

These two resources I’ve put together for you, will help you immediately:

1. My Game-Changing LIFT audio where I talk about:

* How to break through the fear of presenting an agreement to people you are entering into relationship with (this audio will eliminate your fear).
* How the agreement process helps you get clear about whether you want to work with the person you are entering into a relationship with or not before you are too entangled to get out.
*  How having agreements strengthens and enhances your relationships.
* Why it’s not fair to anyone to expect to rely on memory about what we agreed to do and what we expect.
* How to back up your hope, faith and trust with action.
* How to use the agreement process to invite open-hearted dialogue and establish the communication foundation for your entire relationship.
* What to do if you simply cannot do it.
* How to make sure you don’t get sidelined by a blind spot (and what to do if you do).

2. A copy of my “Personal Brand and Relationship Protection Agreementthat you must have everyone who ever works with you or does business with you sign – it shows the Universe (and everyone else) you believe in the value of your business processes and systems

The total value of all of these gifts is way more than $500 (the agreement alone would cost you at least $500 to have written and then not have all the terms you need), but they are yours free just for signing up here:

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