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For most of my business life, I avoided looking at the legal, insurance, financial and tax parts of my business because it simply felt too hard.  I had to learn the hard way that what’s really too hard is the pain of broken relationships.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.  Sure, there will always be misunderstandings in business, but with your LIFT Foundation in place, they will stay that way and not escalate into full blown emotional or legal wars.

Inner conflict is as painful as external conflict; when you LIFT your business, you won’t worry about either.

These three resources I’ve put together for you, will help you immediately:

  1. My LIFT audio program that will guide you to have a real deal serious Eyes Wide Open business.   In this audio program, I cover:* What you really need in your business when it comes to having the right Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax (LIFT) systems (and what you really don’t need) – and why you never want a CPA or banker to set up your business entity for you;* The questions you aren’t asking right now (but you would be if you knew what they were) about setting your business up the right way;* How having a solid LIFT Foundation in your business is the key ingredient for you to reach the financial goals for your business (no more worrying about money when you’ve got LIFT in your business).
  2. A copy of my “Personal Brand and Relationship Protection Agreementthat you must have everyone who ever works with you or does business with you sign – it shows the Universe (and everyone else) you believe in the value of your business processes and systems; and
  3. Three Eyes Wide Open interviews in which I interview role models in the entrepreneurial community and we go deep behind the scenes into the real business of their business.  On these interviews, we talk about what ladies don’t generally talk about in business, but we have to know about so we don’t get blind-sided!

The total value of all of these gifts is way more than $500 (the agreement alone would cost you at least $500 to have written and then not have all the terms you need), but they are yours free just for signing up here:

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