These Are What Makes Life Worth Living, For Me ... 
I Hope They Serve You Too


The foundation of my self-care is a 30-minute workout, 3 times a week, on Zoom, from my bedroom. It's the most consistent exercise program I've ever had, and I feel stronger than I ever have. The best part about it is that because it's only 30 minutes, and from my bedroom, I can't make any excuse not to show up. And, Zenon, my trainer, keeps a strong eye on my form, and customizes the workout perfectly for my body, taking into account injuries, and times of more or less energy. You can find Zenon, and his wife Tysan, the best online fitness trainers, at

I do Gyrotonics with Amber Widom, once a week.  

And, I get a weekly massage, often with Amber. For the best myo-fascial release massage in Boulder, contact Kaira Mayestra


Starhawk’s the Fifth Sacred Thing.  Confirmed my vision of what’s possible and how and why I want to live in community.

Evolution’s Hero by Sheldon Ginsberg.  Guided me to a deeper understanding of my fear patterns and how avoiding what I’m afraid of keeps me stuck. 

The entire Giver Quartet series by Lois Lowry, starting with the Giver, then Gathering Blue, the Messenger and Son. If you’ve read the Giver, you probably stopped with the Giver.  Don’t. Read them all.

Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, have helped me 

Blogs I Love:

Civilization Emerging with Daniel Schmachtenberger: we are living through the 6th mass extinction on our planet. The difference this time is that we are here, and conscious of how we've contributed to it. The question now is what, if anything, we will do about it. Follow Daniel's work so you can start thinking through the answers for yourself. 

Penelope Trunk: I've followed Penelope's work off and on for years. She so often seems to say what I was thinking, but much better than I could say it. 

Podcasts I Love:

Glambition Radio with Ali Brown I'm currently binging on past episodes of Ali's, and loving every single one.  

Joe Rogan Show: I like to balance Ali out with Joe, so I'm taking in content that supports the full range of my understanding of current reality. I particular loved the Andrew Yang and Sam Harris episodes.

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