​​​​Ready to Wake Up and Step Into the New Paradigm 
of a 100% Fulfilling Life in Which You Are Totally 
Supported to Be All of Who You Really Are?

​​​​​The planet needs you to say yes.

You’ve stumbled onto this page because you are ready.  You hear the call to something more.

You are ready to start living the integrated life you know is possible.  The one where you are sharing your great work while having the time, energy and resources to enjoy the life you’ve always wanted – travel, adventure, personal growth, deep inner work, intimate connections, great, deeply nourishing food, amazing health and longevity …

If this is what it means to you to have it all, I’m thrilled to assure you, it’s so possible!

Read more and I’ll tell you how I know and what it means for you

What Keeps Us From Collaborating
In a world where collaboration is becoming increasingly important, there’s a deeply hidden shadow that keeps us from working together[...]
Spacious Intimacy
Spacious IntimacyWho knew I could be intimate with boundaries, without sex, and without smothering or being smothered. Last week, at The[...]
Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare
I messaged Laura to find out what was going on specifically and to see how I could help. It turns out that back in February of this year, Laura had to move out of the home she had been living in because of a toxic environmental issue that was making her sick.


I’ve been stingy and here’s why …
I had the opportunity this past weekend to gain a deeper sense of clarity around why I’ve made some of the choices I’ve made up until now, and I am infinitely grateful to remember who I really am, why I am here and to have a new perspective that I hope will inspire you to reclaim your life, as I reclaim mine.

Several years ago, I was a woman who inspired people with my authentic and transparent sharing of my journey from an empty life of success into finding a life of meaning.

I wrote here regularly, I hosted a show called The Whole Truth Show. I let myself be seen. I was fully revealed.

   Pursuit of Truth

Reflections on Climate Change and What We Can Do Now
How do we find meaning when the world is on the verge of collapse from forces that seem to be[...]


Selling Your Soul Just to Pay the Bills?
New article today on the Eyes Wide Open Life blog lays out the

3 steps you can take right now to wake up, stop selling your soul, and find the path to financial liberation so you can live a life of true sovereignty.

If you've been wondering what I mean when I talk about sovereignty, how you can get free of dependence on big corporations, the government or anyone else for your financial support and break free of the fear keeping you working that job (or doing that business) just to pay the bills, you will want to read this article.

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