*** I Am Not Currently Taking On Private Clients If You Would Like to Be on the Waiting List for When I Do Take on Private Clients Again, Please Email [email protected] With Details About You & Your Business***
(In the meantime, you can receive my support on your business in a group format here.)

I guide a VERY limited number of Evolutionary Entrepreneurs™ (and those who want to be) to create Eyes Wide Open™ agreements, negotiate win/win/win deals, resolve sticky conflicts and put in place streamlined, leveraged business models that support who you are, the people you serve and the lifestyle you love.

If you are looking for a business mentor, find someone who has done what you want to do and not someone who just teaches people to do it.

Truth comes from direct experience. The best way to learn is to have your own. The second best way is to benefit from someone else’s. What you never want to do is get it twice removed by hiring a coach who hasn’t actually lived the thing they coach themselves.

Here are some of the things I’ve directly experienced and can help you with:

  • Left my prestigious job and big 6-figure paycheck to open my own business.
  • minus
    Built that business from scratch to over a million dollars of revenue in just three years by creating a brand new membership-based (recurring revenue) business model that totally eliminated the hourly billing model (in a law firm)
  • minus
    Sold my business and watched the person who bought it run it into the ground within 6 months (sometimes experiencing failure can be the best way to learn, but it sure is painful; I’ll share my experience with you so you don’t have to have it yourself);
  • minus
    Began a coaching/training business and built it into a million dollar a year plus business with a completely virtual team within 18 months of launch;
  • minus
    Created a number of profitable information products, courses, and coaching programs to share my message with the world in a variety of ways (I know what works, what doesn’t, where you are in danger of wasting your money, and how to save thousands of dollars not making the mistakes I made);
  • minus
    Wrote a book and successfully marketed it to #8 on the overall Barnes&Noble.com bestseller list and #75 overall on Amazon.com and #1 in all of its’ categories on Amazon.com (even though it was a niche book appealing only to parents with minor children at home);
  • minus
    Appeared on all the big television shows – Today Show, Good Morning America, O’Reilly Factor, etc. and got a regular gig on Better TV as their family, financial and legal expert; and most importantly to me …
  • minus
    Profoundly healed my relationship with my ex-husband and we now happily co-parent our children together.
  • minus
    Learned how to let go and get unstuck again and again and again so I could create life on my terms.More importantly, I have profoundly helped others to do the same.

Max Simon: Took his business from losing $4,000/mo to $500,000 in annual revenue in just a few short months.

Kendall Summerhawk: Masterminded the creation and launch of a 6-figure certification program.

Elizabeth Purvis: Coached her to step into the truth of her divine feminine and launch Goddess Business School.

Manisha Thakor: Guided Manisha to embrace more of herself and connect to her audience at a much deeper level, increasing her connection and impact substantially while letting go of a business model that was not serving Manisha or her work.

Philippa Kennealy, the MD Entrepreneur: Supported Philippa to hire the team she needed to be able to release her nanny, spend time with her daughter each day and still make the mid six figures she needs to support her lifestyle.

Tripp Lanier: Added thousands of people to his email list, re-designed his offers and filled his coaching practice.

Lisa Sasevich: Added a key component to her teleseminar methodology that has likely added tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to her bottom line.

Laura Roeder: Made the decision to attend Marie Forleo’s first Rich Happy and Hot Mastermind leading to her now in partnership with Marie.

Amy Ahlers/Christine Arylo: Created a high energy/high vibration partnership agreement to govern their relationship.

Hundreds of lawyers have experienced the transformation of going from a document drafter struggling to make it each month into thriving entrepreneurs who are loved by their clients and love the work they are doing in the world.

If you want my help, inquire about our Wake Up the Next Level of Your Evolution Process by emailing [email protected].

When we are coaching together long-term, I am invested in you and your business.

I’m a starter. I LOVE starting businesses. The thrill, the excitement, the newness.

Alas, my family and support team have told me they will all run away screaming if I start another business. And I’ve got to do SOMETHING with all this creative energy.

I give it all to my coaching clients.

Here’s some of what people have said after working with me:

“Alexis Neely is a top-notch business strategist. She connects at a heart level while using her brilliant legal and business mind to guide her clients into smart action mode. In less than 30 minutes, she had definitely shifted me into crystal clarity about my online business launch, who I best serve and how to best serve them. Thank you, Alexis, for empowering me to help more people!”

~ Dr. Mollie Marti Founder

“I just got off the phone with Alexis and my head is bursting with ideas. In just a quick 30 minutes she was able to hone in on the heart of what I am creating in my business and shared some excellent suggestions re: things that I simply hadn’t thought of before (and quite honestly couldn’t see myself.) I got more from Alexis in this short call than I have from day-long trainings I’ve attended in the past, she’s simply awesome.”

“Alexis program is great for those who love to have strategic, logical approaches to business. But it’s an even greater program because she makes sure students incorporate the heart-driven, intuitive aspects that are often left out by us logical “left brainers – and the exact reverse for those heavy on the “right brain” side of things. She has just the right touch in knowing when to get you to focus on your “numbers” and when to focus on deeper “stuff” that gets in the way of reaching your true purpose. Her honesty and vulnerability in sharing her own path make this program REAL.”

~Marie-Jeanne Juilland

Transformation takes time. Awareness can happen in an instant. But, the actual integration of that awareness, going to take a little while. So, my coaching relationships are long-term.

But, before I invest my creative energy in your business I have to know if I can help you and so do you.


Pssst—the password is “Love

So, here’s what we can do to find out:

Email Kyle on My Team.
Inquire into my availability. Pay $1,500. Get on my schedule.

It’s one-on-one. Me and you. Two sessions. One to get clear, time for you to take action, and another to debrief. Back in the day when I was trying to figure out how to do all this, I prayed for something like this, but could never find it.

Before we talk, you’ll complete a Clarity Questionnaire (just the time you spend on this alone will be extremely enlightening for you) and I’ll review websites or materials you send over to show me what you’re up to.

When we get on the phone, I’m going to ask a lot of questions to get a clear picture of where you are now, what’s holding you back, and where you want to go.

Then, I’m going to wake you up to your next steps, a few things you may not be seeing, and you’ll come away with a crystal clear vision of exactly what you need to do next.

Each month, I make my time available for two Wake Up to Your Next Evolution sessions at a big discount from my normal coaching fees so we can determine whether there is a fit. Email [email protected] to get yours scheduled so you can evolve to the next level of your business and your life with clarity.

Wondering if you are ready to work with me?

Here are the three stages of business and life I help with really well:

1.  Just Starting Out (True Solo)

You might not even have a clear vision of how you can best serve in the world; you just know you really want to.  You might still be at a job and ready to make the leap, but aren’t sure how.

Or, you might have made the leap already, but now don’t know how to bring in any money.

We’ll create a clear vision for you and then a strategic plan to take action on that vision. I did this with a coach in November of 2004 after launching my law firm without a clue about what I was doing and within one year I had reached all my three year objectives, had a thriving mid-6 figure business with a team supporting me and I was poised for growth.

2. Been at It a While (Enterprising Entrepreneur)

Perhaps you’ve been at it a while and maybe  even broken the 6-figure barrier, but you are stuck and know you either need to forge ahead in a big way OR consider plan B.

No Plan B’s until you have a Wake Up Call, ok?

During your Wake Up Call, we’ll take your amazing ingredients and rearrange them into a lucrative business with one or more streams of built-in recurring revenue.

3.  Ready to Skyrocket (Empire Builder)

If you’ve made it to the high 6 or broken through to 7-figures in your business, you probably are drowning in too much work and not enough freedom.

Freedom IS why you went into business for yourself, right?

Well, let’s get you there!  You can make a huge impact without working yourself to the bone and your Wake Up call will focus on getting you the freedom you need to be more creative and help more people while keeping control of the right things and letting go of the rest.

Contact Kyle to get on my calendar and let’s Wake You Up to a whole new reality for your life and your business.

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