A Message of Hope for 2012 and Beyond

So much has happened in this past month as we’ve transitioned from 2011 into 2012 that I want to catch you up on, and I will in a future post.

For now though, I want to share with you an overriding message that keeps coming to me as we venture into this year that so many have been prophesying about.

The theories about 2012 range from the world coming to an end, to a new world power going into place that will overtake us all, global weather catastrophes, the second coming of Christ and much more.

I’d like to throw in my own prophecy, one that I think could help us all much more than any of the theories focused on anything outside of ourselves.

Bear with me because this might sound a little out there (especially coming from a Jewish girl who couldn’t say the word “God” without nearly gagging until about 6 years ago), but I urge you to hear it with your heart and not your mind.

The second coming of Christ is here, now.  We really are the ones.

No matter your religion or whether you believe in the existence of the physical being of Jesus the Christ at all (I was personally raised to believe that Jesus the person may not have even existed), Christ Consciousness lives within each of us, right now.

2012 is the year we will collectively wake up to this consciousness within ourselves, no longer feel the need to project it outward and instead begin living from this consciousness in our own lives.

Christ Consciousness has been described many ways, here are a few that help me to understand it more:

“Christ consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature, our higher self, and our birthright as children of God. Christ consciousness is our living expression as a child of Spirit as we unfold our own divine life plan onto the earth plane: bringing heaven to earth. Living in the reality of our “christed” self is actually being fully alive and invested in who we truly are. In our “christed” self we live as inspiration for others to seek this for themselves so we can collectively move our planet forward into the divine plan for planetary transformation and glorification.” from the Center for Christ Consciouness

For you left brain intellectuals reading this, let’s examine this together.

You agree we have a higher self and a lower self, right? You can feel that within you, yes?  I know I can, even when I am totally up in my head.  And Christ Consciousness is simply the awareness of that higher self.

I believe that so many of us are working toward “being fully alive and invested in who we truly are.” This is the pursuit of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

We put many things in our way — money, conflict, ego to name a few.

But, when you examine your true desires, do these words of aliveness, living who you truly are, and connection to to something greater than your small self resonate with what you really want above all?

Christ consciousness = alignment, atonement (at-one-ment), and a recognition that there is no more need for discord, disharmony, or separation.  We really are all in this together. And we can love each other through whatever comes our way.

I see people waking up to this truth all around me and as they do, their lives change, regardless of their circumstances.

My intention is to bring you examples of these awakenings throughout 2012.

In the meantime, I would feel absolutely fulfilled if you would share your own examples of Christ Consciousness, awakening, and coming into connection with your own higher self. How do you do it? How do you know you are connected?  Where do you see examples we can all connect to around you?

Writing about Christ Consciousness is seriously edgy for me.  As I mentioned earlier, it was not so long ago when saying the word God made me choke.  And yet, I know in the deepest place of my being that this consciousness is available to all of us right now and it will change the world.

It’s so easy to misunderstand, but I deeply trust this message and this truth, so I will take the risk of speaking in this language because I believe your heart, your spirit, your soul is ready to receive this message, even if our collective minds are not.

If this does resonate with you, please help me spread the word of this message of hope so we can rally around the good, the true and the beautiful.  It will take all of us.


  1. AnonymousSunday, January 22, 2012 at 6:12 am 

    Ok, I’ll kick off the comments here myself with an example of Christ Consciousness in action.  I met Seattle Firefighter Erik Lawyer last week at a strategy meeting with the Shift Network.  Erik’s life had devolved into daily drinking, hoarding of gold, and fear-based actions.  And then, thanks to a deep desire to heal and synchronicity, Erik came into contact with an energy healer who poured what I understand to be Christ Consciousness energy into him.  The following day, Erik no longer had the urge to drink.  And three months later, on 9/11/2011, Erik hosted the Event – One and he has founded an organization “One Becoming One” to further the message of Oneness.  To meet Erik, you can feel his consciousness blazing through his eyes and it reminds me of what is possible for all of us when we love, forgive, and connect to the highest possible consciousness.

  2. Laura JohnsonSunday, January 22, 2012 at 8:11 pm 

    It’s despicable that you are now using Jesus to sell your products. I didn’t think you could go any lower, but you have. God help us all. 

  3. Susanna MaidaSunday, January 22, 2012 at 8:48 pm 

    Hey Ali, first and foremost I bow to you for having the immense courage to speak what’s emerging as truth for you, regardless of whether it’s popular or will be well received by those in your current tribe.

    After shining your light of truth this last year-plus and being personally and professionally transparent so that others could learn from the journey you’ve taken, now you’re choosing to publicly speak aspects of the larger truth of our evolving world.  Again and again I’m humbled by your willingness to do this.

    No doubt you could have found other language with which to talk about the energy of Christ Consciousness.  But you chose provocative language and there’s a real element of leadership in that.  Ours is a time to jolt people out of old ways of thinking that are part of the problem.

    The message of Barbara Marx Hubbard and others like her is not necessarily a popular one with many people.  And yet I’ve noticed that many who speak that message do so to some version of “the choir”.

    For whatever reason, you feel the call to bring it to a wider audience that you have access to.  This is an incredible gift you are giving.  You’ll certainly find your own groove with it as you go.  And there’s no way it’s going to be welcomed by everyone you offer it to.

    Blessings to you, intrepid truth-telling warrior of the heart.  I’m standing with you and for you on your world-changing mission.

  4. Warren BaldwinSunday, January 22, 2012 at 10:42 pm 

    My Christ Conscious story … felt hatred for someone for some time. I listened to a speaker describe how hatred was 1) displeasing to God and 2) destroyed the one who hated. We could call on our higher power (God/Christ/Spirit) and decide to forgive. I did, and it was transforming for me, my family, and the person I had such negative feelings for.

    And, I didn’t get the sense you were using Christ Consciousness to sell products. I liked the post.

  5. AnonymousSunday, January 22, 2012 at 11:02 pm 

    Forgiveness is the path to so much abundance, love, light — and it is because of your experience with hearing a simple message and transforming your life and so many others as a result that I will keep sharing this message.  Warren, thank you for sharing this story. 

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