Letting Go for the Highest Good (& a Big Opportunity for An Online Business Owner)

We’ve all heard the saying “If you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you, it’s yours.” Right?

I think it’s probably most said in the context of love and relationship, but it’s equally true in every area of life, including business.

I first discovered the power of it after I created my first information product – the Kids Protection Planning Kit.

I invested $15,000 or so to make the Kit only to have it selling in dribs and drabs that were not going to get me the freedom or impact I had been hoping for when invested my time, energy and money in creating the thing.

I wanted so badly to make it work.  But then I hired a very expensive business coach who told me to drop it and focus on something that would make me money, so after much kicking, screaming and resisting, I did.

I let it go, redirected my energy and attention and instead created a program to teach lawyers how to engage more clients.

On my first teleseminar for that program, I did $117,000 in sales, went on to do about $225,000 total over the following six weeks and today that program is still my flagship, bestselling program in what eventually became a multi-million dollar business making a huge difference in the lives of the lawyers it serves.

That would not have happened if I had not let go of the kit for parents.

What’s interesting though is that the Kids Protection Planning Kit ultimately came back and became the foundation for my book on legal planning for parents and the licensing program in which we, in part, teach lawyers how to reach and serve families with young children.

None of that could have happened if I hadn’t set it aside.

What Can You Let Go of Today?

Let it go, if it comes back, it’s yours and will be far better than you could have imagined.

I heard this reinforced on a recent program by Andrea Lee of Wealthy Thought Leader when she suggested that the solution to overwhelm is to be willing to let go of that which is most precious.

Easier said then done. Especially when you love something or someone so much that you just want to cling to it so it never gets away. At least it is for me.  Can you relate?

I’ve been holding on to my businesses like this.  My babies, my Great Work.  Thinking that just because I created the work I also need to be the one to get it out into the world, build a team around it, manage that team, run the show, etc.

As a result, I’ve been running two businesses for several years and running myself into the ground along the way.

And I can see now how it has been holding me back and putting what I really want — health, happiness, freedom – at risk.

The truth is that I am a starter.  I love to start things, create amazing programs, offer them to the marketplace and sell them, but I am much less good at creating teams and systems around my work.  I’ve done it twice now (first in my law firm and then in my lawyer training business) and both times it was extremely painful.

I’ve come to accept that while I could do it a third time, I do not want to.  Not and also run my business that serves lawyers and the woman and mom I want to be.

I had to choose.

So I gave myself a break for the past few months.  I reduced my expenses, all but stopped taking on clients, stopped selling my programs and let it all go to see what would come back.

It became exceedingly clear that it’s time for me to let go of my work serving entrepreneurs, for now.  The Money Map and LIFT are amazing programs that can be integrated into someone else’s Great Work.

It’s funny to me that it’s the lawyers that came back.

But of course it makes sense in so many ways.  I am uniquely suited to serve lawyers even if I do freak many of them out with my progressive nature and hippie dippy lifestyle.

There are very few other lawyers (probably none) who can provide the tools I’ve developed for attracting, engaging, and retaining clients plus the same kind of insight into the crossover between the practice of law, entrepreneurship and client service in the context of a new law business model than I can.

In contrast, there are lots of amazing online business owners who can serve entrepreneurs.

So I’ve decided to find one who can integrate my Great Work, the Money Map and LIFT, into his or her Great Work.

And it’s super scary because it’s the ultimate in letting go.

In 2008, I sold my law firm to a man who ran it into the ground and virtually killed it within 6 months, stopped paying the bills, took care of the clients horribly and ruined what I had built.  From that experience I learned that the single most important part of this process is that I choose someone I will love to work with who I can trust to serve my clients and my work exceedingly well.

This is a huge opportunity for the right person to leverage everything I have created into their own business and get my strategic mind and sales ability on their business along with it. 

And this time I am holding out until I feel totally sure I have found the right person who can turn my work into legacy work that lasts well beyond my participation in it.

This time, I will not settle just to get it done.  I’ve gotten myself into a position where I can wait, if necessary.  It’s not ideal and opportunities will be lost if I do not find the right person soon, but I am letting go and trusting for the highest good.

Instead of naming a price and terms, I’m having a contest of sorts to find the right person and establish the terms of the transaction.  I will tell you this much — these programs brought in more than $800,000 in revenue over 18 months and because they are information products they do not require a massive overhead to sell or service them. They do require sales and marketing strategy and implementation.

If you have existing infrastructure, they can likely slide right in to your existing relationship pathway and enhance what you are already doing substantially.

All of that is outlined in a letter I wrote about the opportunity.

If you think you might be that person, email me at [email protected] and let me know why.  If I feel that there is real potential, I’ll send you the letter I put together fully detailing the opportunity and next steps.  If you think you might know the right person, please send hm or her this blog post.

I’m curious how all of this lands for you.  Please share in the comments — even if you have something negative or judgmental to say — because it helps me to keep the pulse of reality beyond my own personal experience.


  1. RachelleThursday, October 6, 2011 at 1:16 am 

    Honestly, having done both LIFT and Money Map… they are totally unique to what is out there and both so amazing.  I’m glad you won’t settle for just anyone taking them over AND I’m excited for the RIGHT person to continue to take your awesome work into the world.  Full support behind you in these hard decisions.  Your strength and dedication to your work is captured in these programs and now it’s time for you to fly and for these to be honored by someone else!  xoxo

  2. RoseThursday, October 6, 2011 at 2:37 am 

    Hi Ali, I am so grateful to hear that you recognize your genius and your strengths . . . and I feel relieved to hear your request for help to continue to get your “right on” products out in the world . With this post I sense a turning for you. May you recieve the support that you ask for so you can continue to create with a pulse for what is needed in our Time. All the best for this transition!

  3. Rachel RofeThursday, October 6, 2011 at 11:23 am 

    Just wanted to say I think you’re amazing, Alexis. 🙂

    You’re such an eloquent writer and I think it’s amazing that you’re letting go of those systems. Since you asked “how this lands for me”… intuitively, I am feeling like this is a incredibly empowering decision for you. It feels like you’ll trade those systems out for a lot of light.

  4. Vanessa WesleyThursday, October 6, 2011 at 2:43 pm 

    Hi Alexis, Sure wish I was the “right” person as I love both Money Map and Lift… in fact I landed my first VIP client literally one week after the MM program. I now price and design all my services based on the detailed information given in that program as well as of course my money map number. When you do find that individual I’d like to put out an offer to help do the first part of the program (finding your life purpose) which is my “great” work. Keep us posted and I support your courage and wisdom to pass it on.

  5. Heather AllardThursday, October 6, 2011 at 2:43 pm 

    The Money Map program is so incredible – still floats through my head almost daily + has changed my life. Perfect for mom entrepreneurs. 

  6. Jeremy Mathias BennettThursday, October 6, 2011 at 8:00 pm 

    It’s very exciting and I feel privileged to be witness to, and have contributed in some way, to your evolvement and brilliant unfolding. Ajo, Ali Shanti!

  7. Nathalie Lozano (Bogota)Monday, October 17, 2011 at 2:55 pm 

    Hi Dear Ali! Nathalie again… here in Bogotá, I am facing major changes in my business! I abandoned the Course in Miracles but today I started again… and you?? Did you continue? KISSES, CHAOOOO!!!

  8. Michael ReedThursday, October 20, 2011 at 4:39 am 

    LOL: “But of course it makes sense in so many ways.  I am uniquely suited to serve lawyers even if I do freak many of them out with my progressive nature and hippie dippy lifestyle.”  
    You are a planter Alexis.  Your skills are unique and invaluable to all attorneys who want to get ahead and not keep spinning their wheels are dreading each day (ahem, like I am doing right now in real estate).  And even though I think to myself, “Oh Lord, who did she marry at Burning Man this year” or “did she trade the cow for the magic beans” (just kidding), you are the best suited to assist with client attraction, retention and income.  This is why I keep coming back to your posts again and again.  I think the conflict comes when you plant and the flower grows, but then the dandelion petals blow randomly in the air, metaphorically speaking (oh well, it’s makes sense to me at 12:35am).  I guess I just mean that you may want to remain in a chairman role, to make sure that your babies continue to grow strong.

    I am privileged to know you, and look forward to speaking with you and hearing from you.

  9. AnonymousFriday, October 21, 2011 at 12:54 am 

     Thanks Mike. I hope you enjoyed the call today and that you join my program so I can help you love what you do again.  No reason for you to be dreading each day!  Thanks for this support.  It’s most welcome.  And yes, I am staying on as the chairman of the board so my babies continue to flourish.  I think I have found the right woman to be the CEO/President and I’m super excited about it. More to come … 🙂

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