What Is Freedom, Really?

I used to think freedom was $40,000,000 in the bank.  THEN, I would be free.

I used to think freedom was having my own show on television.  THEN, I could say and do what I really wanted and I would be free.

I used to think freedom meant having a big team of people to support me so I didn’t have to do anything myself — from sending out an email to grocery shopping to cleaning my house — unless I could charge big money for it.  When I didn’t have to do anything but what I was most handsomely paid for, THEN I would be free.

Now, I know none of that is the truth.  They were lies that kept me trapped inside a big box of delusion.

I’m finding freedom in needing a lot less than I ever dreamed possible.  On the road, alone.  With a very small team of people supporting my Great Work and helping me get it into the hands of the right people. Doing my own grocery shopping, cleaning my own house, and speaking my truth.

I’ve learned how to quit, let things fall away and come back if they are mine.

I’ve let go of the idea that I have to keep up with the Joneses and pay all my bills on time just so I can protect my credit score and borrow even more.

I’ve dropped my expenses down to a number I can easily generate from wherever I am and whatever I am doing by leveraging programs and products I have already created that provide great value to the world.  I only take on clients when I really, really, really love their work and who they are.  Knowing my number (the amount of money I really need to generate to support my family and my Great Work) is freedom.

I’ve stopped worrying about what other people think and started sharing what’s really on my mind, even when it’s too much for some folks to take.

This is freedom for me. What is freedom for you?  And how can you take the steps today to create more if it in your life? (Hint: It probably requires letting go of that which you are most attached to, including things, relationships, concepts and ideas.)  It’s so worth it – what’s on the other side is indescribable.  Please share your thoughts on freedom.


  1. BillTuesday, November 15, 2011 at 5:28 pm 


  2. MelissaWednesday, November 16, 2011 at 3:19 pm 

    SO True!  When we stop chasing the future or illusion of safety freedom has come to me in letting go of it all…even my concept of success which continues to redefine itself in every moment.

  3. Jan R.MiesseSaturday, November 19, 2011 at 9:50 pm 

    Very interesting .. truth though. We are so often trapped in a world of.. ‘if only’. True freedom is in the heart and through God’s grace in my life. Be blessed and bloom. http://www.janrmiesse.com

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