Over the past 6 years, I’ve learned how to live life and build a profitable, sustainable, meaningful, money-making business (3 of them actually) on my own terms.

Now, I want to take you by the hand and show you how you can do it, be it, and have it all too.  Your way.

You may hear a lot people claim that they can show you the way, but before you learn from them, make sure they’ve really traveled the path they are leading you down and aren’t simply teaching it as they go.

The audios in the Life and Business On Your Terms Kit take you behind the scenes into the reality of what I think, believe and do in my own life and business.

Plus, when you request my Kit, you will also receive my eye-opening LIFT Manifesto. But only read it if you are ready to see the cold hard truth about some things you’ve been working awfully hard to avoid.  I’ll show it to you gently and with love, of course.

This is what Kia K. had to say after listening to just three of the mp3s in the Life and Business Growth Kit:

“I’ve only listened to three of your mp3s and it’s already working! I did my gratitude list of what I was grateful for (in the future) consisting of being grateful for my future career as a film producer and for my awareness to take opportunities as they arise. And during my layover I meet a big time film producer, we talk for an hour, he gives me career advice and insider tips on budgeting/schedule of films and gives me his biz card!”

Here’s what the 10 audios in the Life and Business On Your Terms Kit cover.

1 – What Does It Really Mean To Play A Bigger Game

How do you discover who you really are and get beyond the patterns and conditioning that are reality for most of us?

2 – Every Thing You Need is Right In Front Of You
Do you know the difference between being self-centered and being selfish? How can you see your challenges as opportunities? Could you embrace your deviant behaviors to follow your true dreams? I’ll talk about being afraid and doing it anyway.

3 – You Can Create The Life You Want
Is there something you really want but are afraid to tell someone for fear of shame or because it seems out of reach? Have you wanted something but because of your conditioning you decided you were fine without it? You’re holding yourself back. I will divulge my secret dreams and how I’ve stepped into the fear.

4 – What to Do When People Don’t Like What You’re Doing
When you’re living life on your terms, there will be people who don’t like it. When can this negative reaction be a positive sign for your business and your life?

5 – How To Not React To Drama
Nobody likes drama, yet we are all drawn to it. Why are we attracted to it and how can we break that cycle so we can really play a bigger game? Listen as I discuss the process of letting go of the drama in your personal and professional life. I also talk about what to do when you are too tired to play a bigger game.

6 – Facing The Challenges Required to Live Life On Your Terms
It’s not always easy to play a bigger game. I’ll discuss my personal challenges and how important it is to say everything out of truth instead of fear. I discuss why it’s important to discover your gifts to maximize your power and effect on the world, as well as how to listen to your gut to make decisions so there is no doubt in your mind that you’re playing your game on your terms.

7 – Creating a Sense of Peace and Happiness in Your Life
I just returned from Burning Man where I spent the week trying to be as authentic to myself as possible. But first, I had to deal with my RV breaking down on the way there. Listen as I discuss everything I learned and experienced during my trip including how to stay centered, how to use your addiction as a benefit and a reward, and how to find your true, authentic self.

8 – A Look At The Inside Of My Business
I’m helping you not judge your insides by someone else’s outsides by showing you what it’s like behind the scenes of my life. Listen as I discuss my family, Burning Man, religion, and love among other things. I discuss my biggest personal roadblocks and how I’ve started to face and accept them.

9 – Playing a Bigger Game With Special Guest Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary discusses how he played a bigger game to grow his wine business to a 50 million dollar company at the age of 22. He discusses how confidence can set you up for success and how everyone, even you, can develop a global brand.

10 – Living Your Deeper Purpose (A Preview Of 2010)
Not living my deeper purpose created a hole in my life. I feel like I have finally begun filling that hole by creating awareness in my every day life and creating transparency. I’ve discovered the secret to living my deeper purpose was right in front of me, and it is right in front of you. Listen as I discuss my journey to operate with my eyes wide open and live a truly transparent, fulfilling life.

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