Are You Moving?

I got this message in my inbox today from Andrew Cohen of EnlightenNext:

“What gives me the greatest spiritual confidence is the knowledge that I’m moving. I know that I’m continuing to develop. Philosophically, spiritually, personally, I am not in the same place I was a decade ago, a year ago, or even six months ago. And as long as that’s the case, I will have the confidence to stand up and talk about evolution.

The problem for most people, as I see it, is that they are not moving. They’re stuck at some place they reached decades ago. In an evolutionary worldview, the raison d’être is movement, change. The highest goodness is actual development. Are we evolving? Are we developing? If we’re stagnating, the universe cannot evolve through us. If we are not moving, the evolutionary process is stagnating. Of course, it’s not something we are deliberately or consciously doing, but because of our ignorance or unenlightenment, we are actually inhibiting the evolution of the interior of the cosmos.

If we have the courage to embrace this radical perspective on ourselves, we awaken to an enormous evolutionary imperative to get moving, so that the universe can get moving through us. From the perspective of a process that is trying to get somewhere, there is always a tremendous urgency—a creative urgency, an ecstatic urgency—for you to evolve. You and I are vehicles through which the process can develop. Is your self receptive? Is it open, transparent, surrendered, and committed enough to be a vessel for that creative urgency? When you get moving, your human body, personality, soul, and spirit becomes an expression and a manifestation of the evolutionary impulse—incarnate and always moving.”

These words from Andrew touched me greatly because I am in a deep process of personal transformation and evolution and what feels like constant movement.

I know this constant movement looks insane to some of you.  It feels pretty wild over here too.  And yet, I so strongly feel as if it is what wants to happen through me.

The other day, my dear teacher and friend, Charu, said she thinks of me as a modern day Howard Hughes.  I didn’t get exactly what that meant, but have the sense it has to do with this movement that I feel compelled to allow to come through me, no matter how nutty it seems.

So, I’m going to keep moving. What about you?  How is evolution showing up in your life?

PS – we did a run through of our new show “The Whole Truth About Love + Money” this past week and WOW was it fun!! We are going to be doing a lot more of that.  Watch your box for more information on how you can participate and receive free coaching as we broadcast live every Tuesday.

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