Can You See the ALL Good … Even (Especially) Now?

What an incredible weekend.  Dave through me a surprise birthday dinner party on Friday night.  I knew he was doing something special, but I didn’t know what.  Well, he invited over 15 of my friends, cooked an elaborate and delicious 5 course meal and then put on an awe-inspiring mind reading show.  Here’s a little sneak peak of the night:

Then, Saturday night, Dave and I attended the Agape International Spiritual Center 22nd Anniversary Party at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.  Here’s a 15-second video of me and the Rev. – Michael Bernard Beckwith getting our photo taken.

At church today, I was reminded by the Rev. of the truth and now I’m sharing it with you because I think so many of us have lost sight of what’s really happening out there.

We are getting so caught up in the fear, lack, limitation and scarcity being bandied about that it can be difficult to see through to the truth.

Here’s what I know to be true.

Something new and wonderful is emerging.  Yes, Wall Street is failing.  Yes, the big 3 automakers are failing.  Yes, our credit system is failing.

And, it’s time to celebrate.

The existing paradigm is outdated, broken, and in need of transformation.  What has to happen for the caterpillar to emerge as a butterfly?  The caterpillar has to disappear.

That’s what’s happening here as well.  We can choose to look at it as if the world is coming to an end or we can see the beginning of something beautiful.  Our perspective will make the difference between suffering or celebration.

What do you choose?  I choose to celebrate.

I choose to celebrate whatever is next.  I choose to celebrate the unknown, the mystery, the possibilities.

Reverend Michael pointed out that the big 3 are making fuel efficient cars overseas.  Why not here?  We wouldn’t have blocked the rise of computers to save the typewriter industry, would we?

Something bigger is coming, something better is coming, something transformational is coming.

It’s ALL GOOD.  Welcome it.  Step off into the unknown with the faith of knowing that all your needs are met in every moment.  Even now.

I can hear many of you saying “how can I do that when things are looking so bad for me?  I’ve lost my job or I’m about to lose my job.  I have credit card debt up to my eyeballs. I’m going to lose my house.  Alexis, this airy-fairy stuff is great for you and Rev. Michael who have plenty, but not for me.  I don’t have enough.”

Ok, let’s talk about that.

I know you are scared.  Of course you are.  Change is scary, especially when it’s not self-initiated and feels as if its just been thrust upon you.

But, it’s very likely also out of your control.  Can you force your employer to hire you back or keep you if you are on the verge?  Can you save your house now?

If your answer is yes to any of these things because you can take some action that might turn things around, do it.  Take the action.  Don’t bury your head in the sand.

For example, if you are about to lose your house, have you exhausted every possibility you can for information about how you might save it?  Have you already tried to get a modification of your loan?  What else have you done?

If you’ve done everything you can, you have to move into acceptance of what is.  What else can you do?

Sure, you can rail against what is, but if you can’t change it, you’re creating suffering for yourself.

In this moment, you have a choice between suffering and celebration.  You can choose to allow yourself to feel excitement about the new possibilities that are facing you now that you don’t have that job that was keeping you in your comfort zone of mediocrity.  Allow yourself to open up to what’s happening and say “okay Universe, what do you have next for me?”

What new world is out there for you?

If you can approach life from this perspective, the whole world will open up and deliver to you delightful experiences.  If instead, you choose to approach life with an attitude of defeat, fear, and lack, you will get more of the same.

So, in this moment, do this:

Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in.  Let the air fill your lungs.  Feel how every one of your needs are met in this very moment.   In this moment you have access to everything you need, food, shelter, clothing, internet, love.  It’s all here for you now.

Repeat everytime you feel afraid.  And keep moving forward with wonder about the possibilities.


  1. DarielaMonday, November 24, 2008 at 7:10 am 

    I came to your blog from the LA Moms recently (I’m a new contributor) and I instantly loved your vision and your messages.
    I used to go to Agape and I haven’t been going anymore not because I don’t like it (long useless story) but I loved that you decided to transmit the message today cause it made me go back in my mind to Rev. Michael’s messages and it made me take a deep breath and re-think, re-feel and re-energize. Thanks so much and happy birthday, what a wonderful surprise!!!

  2. amoripazTuesday, November 25, 2008 at 6:46 am 


    I celebrate all of your progressive, life-affirming ways and wish you all the best. But I have to confess that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the row of “veal” that was the opening image of your birthday party. Do you not know about the narrow stalls that baby calves are kept in all of their short lives so that there is no muscle development in order to satisfy people’s taste buds> Or that they’re wrenched from their mothers in infancy to prime them for their fate? Even my meat-eating friends (which happen to be a majority of those close to me) have sworn off veal. This, as you may not be aware of, is a lot of what Prop 2 was protesting. Wondering what your thoughts are as a mother, and believer in higher consciousness and deeper sensitivity to all living things.


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