Events That Have Changed My Life

4.5 years ago, I attended an event that would be the first of many life-shifting events I would attend.

It was a Dan Kennedy retreat and as soon as I walked in, I met Craig Filek (my current collab partner) and the following day I met the man who would become my life and business partner for 3.5 years and who taught me most of what I know about marketing today.

This past November, I went to Peru with David Wolfe and we’ve already been talking collaboration (look for something in July in LA).

Last year at Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreat I met Rebecca Astara and Joy Love Light my two siSTARs I am now so honored to collaborate with on Eden Unplugged.

Over the years at Burning Man, I’ve gotten to hang out with and really get to know guys like Tim Ferris, Eben Pagan, Bryan Franklin, Joe Polish, Cameron Herold and many other people whose names you don’t know yet, but I have no doubt you will because they are world-changers.

And the other night at Cynthia Kersey’s it happened again. It was an event that will no doubt change the course of my impact in the world.

I got to spend time and dance with Rev. Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor, my girl Lisa Sasevich, Cynthia, Marcia Weider, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford and Brian Hilliard, Morgana Rae, Jim Bunch, Patrick Coombs, Max Simon, Kute Blackson, Russell and many of the Tribal Truth LA gals, including Hillary Rubin, Christina Morrassi, Tanya Bliss, Jolette Jai, and Charu Morgan.

But the part that may impact my life the most is the quality time I spent with Bill Harris, the founder of Centerpointe, whose Holosync program is probably the best selling personal development program in the world.

I don’t have too many photos to show you myself (I’m so bad at making sure I take pictures), but look for them on Barry Selby’s wall as I’m sure he’ll be posting a bunch.

I would not be surprised if you see me and Bill collaborating on something in the future.

I’m telling you all of this to illustrate for you why you want to do everything you can to not only get in person with the people you want to collaborate with but to truly connect with them beyond the surface.

Connection and collaboration is our future. It’s the only way.

We have to come together to learn how to collaborate and create the community that is ultimately going to be our salvation as the world around us devolves, evolves, shifts and changes more rapidly than it ever has before.

That’s why I am going out on a major limb and hosting a camping-based community event that is like a highly focused Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Harmony, type festival crossed with an event like SANG or a meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council.

A place where you can truly connect to the people you want to collaborate with and together we can create the next evolution for all of us.

When I landed on the sacred land of Eden in October, I just knew I needed to get the world-changers there to come together and co-create the dream of the new reality.

I knew that simply was not going to truly happen in a hotel ballroom with florescent lights. We would want to get much more connected – to each other and to source – than that.

I knew at Eden we could feel totally and completely supported to strip away the facade and show up in the truth of who we really are, opening the pathway to collaboration at a whole new level.

Are you a world-changer? A wayseer? A change agent?

I hope to see you at Eden, the event that very likely could be the catalyst for the rest of your life.

We’ll be hosting a call about it on Tuesday, March 29 — if you are interested in more information, join us here.


  1. Alexander Chow-StuartSaturday, March 26, 2011 at 1:34 pm 

    Personal connections change us in ways that are truly radical – as does the river-like flow of our lives. In the wake of my first son’s death at the age of five from cancer, Jane Roderic-Evans, my then-GP in Brighton, England (who was also a homeopath, acupuncturist and Buddhist, as well as a regular medical doctor), introduced me to Tibetan breathing-based meditation (anapanasati) and to a Buddhist group. I am not a big “joiner” but I loved Buddhism and still meditate every morning, more than 20 years and an ocean and a large continent later (I now live in California with my new young family of two unconditionally loved children).

    Two years ago or so, I received an email invitation to an event at 20th Century Fox studios hosted by an organization called GATE (the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) and actor Jim Carey. I was dubious but Eckhart Tolle was speaking and he intrigued me – although I was also kind of skeptical about what he might be like. Being in his presence and hearing him speak was a revelation. He was like a humble little German gnome (no insult intended, Eckhart!) – an astonishingly honest and forthright speaker who appreciates the human condition and can speak to it more straightforwardly than anyone I’ve heard. It was like listening to a mix of Carl Jung and the Buddha!

    I also believe in digital connections. As a writer I am home most of the time and spend as much of it with my family as possible, but Facebook (which I use primarily only for people I physically know) and Twitter (which I use as a mix of news source – it’s one of the best if you choose carefully which organizations and individuals to follow – and microblog) have both connected me with new people (again, carefully chosen) who have become close online friends.

    It is essential to listen to a wide variety of opinions – but it is also empowering to surround yourself, physically or virtually, with people who support your vision of the world and who work to share that vision of continual flux and change.

  2. Karuna Laura O'DonnellSaturday, March 26, 2011 at 6:51 pm 

    aha! Great to see you acknowledge Bill Harris’ work. Holosync together with money map to freedom was a great beginning to this year for me.

  3. CarrieFriday, April 1, 2011 at 8:53 pm 

    Thanks Alexis for the inspiration on the connections you can make at these events. I can’t wait to see who I’ll meet at David Neagle’s Break Free event in Las Vegas next week!

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