Final Call for Powerful Feminine Leaders in 2010!

I should have let you know yesterday, but I’ve been absorbed by Craig Filek’s Core Clarity Workshop I’m hosting this weekend at my home – amazing transformational work …

I can’t wait to share more with you about it!

In the meantime, it’s final call for the Powerful Feminine Leadership Mastermind for 2010 …

I am closing off the applications this weekend, so make sure to submit yours and get yourself in the running if you’re at all interested in joining this incredible group.

Here’s just a few of the powerful women who will be joining us …

* An entrepreneurial doctor who helps physicians become thriving entrepreneurs and is ready to build her business based on her lifestyle so she can spend more time with her child…

* A transformational relationship coach who is ready to stop building her business based on struggle and strain of trying to keep up with ego-driven constructs so she can really get to the heart of the matter …

* An online business consultant who helps women entrepreneurs transform their social media relationships into paying clients is ready to streamline and restructure her business model into a stand tall & go deep model that really serves her clients and her life so she can get beyond the flat on her back business model that’s keeping her on-call 24/7…

* A major support Goddess to many of the online thought leaders you know and love building a mini-empire and ready to do it with ease and grace ….

* A kickin’ conscious video producer who has produced videos for Reverend Michael Beckwith of Agape, the Black Eyed Peas, and me ready to serve other women with big heart-centered messages to get out into the world …

And those are just the women I’ve already confirmed are the right fit…

I’ve got vision calls with several other applicants on my calendar – including a personal finance expert, a real estate genius, an online support guru, and more.

Should I be talking with you before I finalize the group?

The group will be made up of a maximum of 10 women and I’ve priced it so it will be a stretch for the right women and at the same time allow me to be exceedingly choosy about who joins.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level this Fall and get seriously set to make 2011 your year of freedom with my hand-holding and the power of the an amazing group of women behind you, apply now.

Yours in feminine leadership,

PS – some of the other benefits of working with me:

* I’m always looking out for ways to promote you through my social media list (25,000 on Twitter and thousands on Facebook)

* I send you periodic personal emails with things that need to be on your radar, such as websites to look at, articles to read, and media requests for you to respond to.

* I have a lot of contacts in the online business world and I open up my personal rolodex to you when we are working together.

* I’ve tried out just about every business model and resource there is for getting things done online and I can show you what will work, what won’t work and how best to leverage the power of who you are, how you want to serve and the people you serve to build a business that supports your lifestyle without wasting your valuable resources.

* Plus, I’ll point you in the direction of the very best, most reasonably priced resources for getting things done right – there’s a lot of crap out there and I’ve invested in a lot of it; I won’t let you make the mistakes I made.


  1. Sharon SamturMonday, August 16, 2010 at 8:08 pm 

    You don't say if this is an online seminar or at a particular location? Please advise.

    Sharon Samtur
    [email protected] ot message to Facebook page

  2. alexisneelyTuesday, August 17, 2010 at 1:52 am 

    Hi Sharon, the program is delivered all virtually. You can read about it here:

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