Going Within Again …. Come Along?

Over the past 5 years, as I’ve built first my law firm and now the Family Wealth Planning Institute, I’ve noticed cycles during which I’ve focused heavily on the business and other times in which I’ve focused more internally.

None of the business stuff would have (or could have) happened at all had I not first done some serious internal healing that allowed me to grow in awareness, wake up to my Truth and step into my authentic self.

This email below from my good friend, Max Simon, founder of the SelfCentered movement explains way better than I ever could why this is so important.

This past weekend I got to spend time with Max at one of his SelfCentered events (where I got to take part in both a drum circle and a public display of meditation!) and I feel myself entering back into a cycle where my businesses are running really well and need me less and I am ready to go within again.

When you go within, you find a space where everything is possible.  It’s the precursor to everything else you want in life.

Here’s why:


“I like what you’re saying but I have a question, what does
awareness even mean?”

This is the question I got from a sweet young college girl
this weekend during the Yoga Month Festival where we had our
own 1800 square foot tent. After a few moments, I responded
with “Awareness means being willing to look; at yourself, at
your life, and at the world. But instead of seeing only what
you want, you see what is, and instead of reacting like you
have, you respond in a new way that supports and lifts up
everyone and everything.”

As though she had been in this conversation a thousand times
before, she immediately responded with: “But it doesn’t feel
good when I look at those things. Everything I see scares
me. How do I become aware when I feel so scared?”

“Look deeper.”

Our (external) world is in a scary place right now. The
political battlefield is raging out of control, the economy
has filed for workers compensation, and people’s stress
levels are rising by the minute.

Take a deep breath with me: Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

With the world in chaos, NOW is the time to dive deeper into
your self
. Regardless of what’s happening outside of you,
there is a place inside of you that is calm, cool, and
connected; aka selfcentered. It’s always THERE. It’s always
OK. It’s always SAFE.

Going inside during these troubled times helps. Why? Because
it puts things in perspective. Though the outside world is
spinning out of control, the world inside is peaceful.
While our actions from the past might have been
the catalyst for our troubled times today, you see that new
creative choices are immediately available as you quiet the
mind chatter and open up to what’s possible.

Marianne Williamson once said: “You can’t solve the problems
of the world from the same state of consciousness that
created them.” I whole-heartedly agree, and with that in
mind, this is my challenge to you:

Meditate every single day without fail. Do it for you, do it
for your friends, do it for the world. If you don’t meditate
every day, contact us and we’ll get you on-track. If you
have a practice, stay strong with it. If you see people
struggling, send them our way. If there is one thing the
world needs right now, it’s to stay calm and centered within
the midst of chaos.

Much love,

Max Simon
Founder, Chief Enlightenment Officer

PS: If you need a little break from the intensity of your
world, we have 3 spots left at our meditation retreat on
October 10-12 in LA. This weekend is so powerful, so sweet,
and so deep. Please contact us for details.

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