Having It All – Myth or Mis-understanding?

constructionWhen I posted on Twitter about beginning this series profiling mom entrepreneurs having it all and doing it all, I heard from more than one mom who said “I thought having it all was urban myth” or “I’m doing it all, but definitely not having it all” and even one who said “I’m so far from having it all, I actually owe!”

The good news is I also heard from several moms who are having it all and doing it all and I’m super excited to begin sharing them with you starting next week.

In the meantime though, I want to address the misunderstanding most people have about what I’ll call the “having it all myth.”

Having it all does NOT mean there aren’t any challenges.  Far from it.  Having it all means having it ALL.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

To truly begin having it all, begin to welcome the challenges, welcome what appears to be the bad, welcome the ugly.  See these challenges as opportunities for awareness and growth.  There’s no better way to step into the greatness of life than to transform your biggest roadblocks into your clearest pathway.  To do this, takes welcoming and allowing of ALL that is happening.

Because if you are waiting to have it all until everything in your life is flowing smoothly without anything going wrong, having it all will remain a myth for you.

Let me share a concrete example from my own life recently.

This week, I woke up, sat down in front of my computer and got the big blue screen.  That day, I was scheduled to launch a new program for the lawyers I coach, to host a call for the members of my coaching programs on book publishing and had a few other conference calls scheduled.

I did NOT have time to deal with the blue screen.  And my assistant had the day off.  A perfect storm.

But, the blue screen showed up, so I had a choice – accept it and deal with it or resist it and rail against it.  That’s the difference between having it all and not.  I chose to have it all, accept it and not let it hold me back.

Long story short, I dug out an old computer I had here, worked on it for the day, launched our program, did my calls, and in between all of it got on the phone with Lenovo and ultimately, it all worked out.

The point of all this is, &%!@ happens.  Even when you are having it all.  Embrace it, welcome it, don’t resist it.  The pain is in the resistance.  Surrender and let go.  Watch your life unfold.

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