How I’m Celebrating YOU on National Moms Night Out

swagAs most of you know, my passion is to help families and small business owners up level their lives and their businesses by putting in place the right systems. Whether they are systems for easing your family life, ensuring your kids are taken care of anything happens to you, passing on your values or growing your business, it’s unlikely to happen if you don’t have a system in place to ensure it does.

I also know how difficult it is for most people to put in place systems. I know it because it’s incredibly difficult for ME!

So to make it even EASIER for moms to get proactive about building systems for the success of their own families and their own businesses, I have partnered with Maria Bailey of Mom Talk Radio and Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle to give every mom attending Moms Night Out a Certificate for a Family Wealth Planning Session worth $750 as part of the (already amazing) Moms Night Night Out Swag.

Why am I doing this?

Well number one, I care about the success of your family and your business.

I have made very costly mistakes over the past few years in my own business and life—including losing part of my business to my ex-husband during our divorce, incorporating too late to totally protect my personal assets, not having my books in order for a tax audit and paying out of pocket for a lawsuit that insurance would have covered had I had the right type of insurance in place. All this even though I’m a lawyer!

What these experiences have taught me is that it’s critically important to have a trusted advisor who can guide you through every life stage and from the very beginning of your business.

But, I also know that most people (including me!) feel as if they can’t afford that level of care. It’s my mission to let you know that’s not true! In fact, proactive guidance is far less expensive than the cost of waiting until its too late and being reactive to the things that will come up as you raise kids and run businesses.

So if just ONE mom avoids some of the costly mistakes that I have made by developing a proactive lifetime relationship with a Personal Family Lawyer®, it will all be worth it to me.

And number two, I want to celebrate you as a mother, business owner and someone that can truly have it all with the right guidance and vision of what’s possible.

I can think of no greater gift than helping a mompreneur make smart decisions about her business or an aspiring mompreneur start out her business on a winning track—or even help a mother ensure that her opinions about how her kids are raised (you have opinions about that, right?) are known and heard, no matter what!

So if you happen to attend the National Moms Nite Out events in New York City, Phoenix, AZ, Carlsbad, CA, Pasadena, CA, Houston, TX and Plano, TX, keep your eyes open for our $750 Family Wealth Planning Session certificate. It will uplevel your life and your business!

PS – if you are a mompreneur and you have any questions about building a rock solid legal foundation, putting in place the right insurance protections, setting up financial systems or tax strategies that will save you money, listen in on this audio program I recorded recently.

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  1. SarahFriday, May 8, 2009 at 1:28 am 

    Getting everything in place first is so crucial for asset protection and tax planning!

    However, not having those things in place yet can keep you from doing anything. And the cost of putting those things in place feels like it is not “revenue generating”, and can leave you feeling like you won’t have enough money left to invest in generating real business revenue.

    Somewhat of a catch 22 for most women, honestly.

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