How to Become the Best Copywriter on the Planet

I just got off a training call in which I was teaching how to become the best copywriter on the planet.  This call was an exclusive just for members of Max Simon’s mastermind, but I thought it was so important that I’m considering hosting it again for you.

If it’s something you’d want, let me know, okay?

Copywriting is literally the most important skill for you to learn if you are in business for yourself.

It’s expensive to outsource, difficult to find really great copywriters who can get your voice and speak to your clients, AND it makes the biggest impact in your success.

Look around the marketplace at who is experiencing real business success and you’ll see they are either great writers or they have the money to hire great writers.

Last I heard, Dan Kennedy (one of the great copywriters if you serve a hardcore business market) charges $75,000 for a complete marketing campaign and that was years ago, so it could be even more now.

Dave Dee (a protege of Dan Kennedy and the guy who helped me build my lawyer business) charges a minimum of $25,000 plus 10% of the campaign for a full marketing campaign, and the minimum you should expect to pay for someone even close to decent is $15,000.

Sure, you can possibly pay less, but in that case you are going to be doing a lot of the writing yourself, have to edit almost everything, OR have poor results.

Not worth it.

Better to just learn how to do it yourself.

Here are the three things that can make you the best copywriter on the planet, even if you are a crappy writer generally:

1. Know who you serve with a great deal of specificity.

Most of us avoid this for years – we are ruled by our lack, limitation and scarcity thinking to not be narrow enough in who we market to and build our business around.

Even if you think you are already narrow, I would guess you are not narrow enough.  In the comments, let me know who you serve with specificity and I’ll let you know if you can get even narrower and have more success.

2. Go deep into the heart, soul and mind of the people you serve.

For those of you who are more right-brained, creative types, this can be easier than it may be for those of you who are more of the left-brained, logical types.  So, cultivate your creativity.

In the third session of the Money Map when we get into how to price and package your services, I take mappers through an immersive experience that connects them to who they serve.

You can do this yourself by getting a visual image of your ideal client firmly in mind and then virtually stepping into their body until you feel them from their perspective.

Then, write your copy from that place.

3.  Get deeply connected to your own heart, soul and mind.

The more you know yourself, the more effectively you will be able to write to the people you serve because you will be able to relate to their fears and worries and therefore write copy and create programs/services that very specifically speak to that.

Here’s the good news, going through this process to become the greatest copywriter on the planet (and really being willing to dive into it) will also make you a happier, more fulfilled human being.

When you start being willing to serve the people you are really connected to emotionally and you are willing to let go of serving everyone else, the business and life  you’ve always wanted shows up.

So, become the best copywriter on the planet and love your life even more too!

Now, I’d love to hear from you – are you having trouble narrowing down and getting clear about who you serve?  Where are you getting stuck?  Or do you think you’ve gotten clear about it and you ready to really connect with your people at the heart, mind and soul level?

Wherever you are, let us hear it. It helps everyone when you share your experience.


  1. Kit FureyMonday, September 27, 2010 at 6:52 pm 

    I’m smiling ear to ear because I’d never thought of copywriting as a vehicle for connecting to the hearts, souls and minds of people I’m called to serve. THANK YOU for that wonderful reframe. You’ve helped me shift my thinking so now I can turn an odious copywriting task into passionate, creative writing! Warmly, Kit Furey

  2. TheMigraineManSunday, October 17, 2010 at 1:29 pm 

    Thanks for the great reminders in this post. When you work directly with another person live you have to show up an be present in order to be most effective in helping them. Why would it be any different when crafting a marketing message? Show up (virtually) in front of that one individual you’re marketing to and speak from your heart about what you can do for THEM and what you have to offer to THEM to meet their need or “fix” THEIR pain!

    My response to your question about narrowing your niche is that I think I have it about as narrow as make sense. My target market is “People who have migraine headaches and want rapid relief from the pain.” My “sub-niche” if you care to call it that, is people who don’t want to (or can’t for any number of reasons) take migraine medication. The end result a customer gets by going through my on-line program is relief from their migraine pain in as little as 10 minutes without drugs. I teach them how to use a completely portable modality that is a close as their fingertips. Probably the most frustrating part (for me!) is that it takes me longer to teach how to do it (15 minutes) than it does for a typically customer to get relief the second time they use it!

    I’ve thought about trying to “slice” the market in different ways in order to be able to focus on the specific message that would appeal to the sub-markets, but I have yet to find a common thread. Migraine headaches have no socio-economic component when it comes to who is affected. Granted far more women than men get migraines, but beyond that, I’m stumped.

    Again, thanks for reminding me to “show up and speak to a single customer” in my marketing message. Time to go re-write my sales page…again!


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