Launch Day Recap and Even More Better Stuff

I was going for a subject line far more enticing than what I gave ya up there, but that’s just about all I’ve got left for ya today.  I’m lucky I’m getting this post written before I drag myself up to put the kids to bed!

I’m exhaustipated. Happily.

If you’ve given birth, you know the feeling. The baby is born, the labor pains are over and all you feel is sweet relief and love for your baby.

Yep, that’s a bit how I’m feeling now.  Fulfilled, tired and happy.

Before I tell you about today’s launch of the Money Map to Freedom Implementation Program, let me tell you about the more better stuff because it’s really good.

More better stuff #1:  In the midst of the launch, my daughter’s new school principal called.  When my kids were at their last school, I got calls telling me one of them was falling behind in some way.  Well, you can imagine my joy then at this call.  The principal was calling to tell me how delightful my kids are and that we may want to consider advanced math for my daughter.  Talk about a WOOHOO moment! Further confirmation that we moved to just the right place for us.

More better stuff #2:  After the launch, I had a couple phone calls scheduled with amazing entrepreneurs who I am going to be able to support quite significantly in the coming year and vice versa.  I LOVE what I am learning about building joint ventures with collaborators who  would look like competitors on the surface.  Remember this:  Your biggest competitor is PROBABLY your greatest collaborative partner if you can see through the competition.

I’ll be sharing some strategies I’ve been using to really get beyond competition and into major collaboration over the coming weeks.  So stay tuned!  All of this joint venturing has brought up some VERY interesting stuff for me.

More better stuff #3: I got to see the initial designs for my blog re-design and I’m so excited to share them with you.  It’ll take another couple of weeks to get things just right, but we are SO heading in the right direction.  Thank you Naomi!

Okay, now for the launch recap:

Launch started a bit earlier today than we expected because our VIP access email went out two hours early.

I got all excited when I saw it go out and I tweeted about it not realizing we weren’t REALLY open yet.

That meant our page wasn’t live.  D’oh!   Lots of emails and tweets ensued letting me know about 404 errors and other problems.

Fortunately, all of our VIPeeps on the list for early registration know us, love us and were patient with us.   VIPeeps who persisted, you WILL be rewarded!

Everyone in the program receives a private strategy session with either me or Dave (this bonus is worth more than a few times the investment of the program) and we’ll schedule those based on when you joined the program.  (So, if you are considering joining, you may want to jump off the fence and get closer to the front of the line for your private strategy session.)

Okay, let’s see what else happened …

Oh yes, the internet went out at my house, which meant I had to “borrow” my neighbors’ internet.  And then our printer ran out of ink, so we had to print our call outline for our call on the 30 point Lifestyle Clarification process from the Money Map on a friend’s printer.

Fortunately, the phones didn’t have any trouble though and we did a rockin’ call going through each of the 30 categories.

If you missed today’s call (or the call we did on New Year’s laying out the money map), you can get the recordings here.

At the end of the day, despite the snafus, we are 50% sold-out, which means we’ve only got 50 spaces left! And, it also means we are donating $2,500 to relief efforts in Haiti.  YAY!

That feels really good.

The Money Map to Freedom Implementation program closes at the earlier of 100 members or January 20.

I’d love to see you there.  It really will make a huge difference in your business this year.  At the very least, check out our page because I really love the way it looks and you’ll love the video Dave and I made.

Okay, recap over and time for me to get the kids to bed.

I’d love to hear about launch day experiences you’ve had.  And I’d also love to hear what questions you have about launching a new program or product.  And of course, let me know here if you have any questions about the Money Map program itself.

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