Live from the Morning Keynote at BlogHer: Hybrid Media, Sex, Online TV, and Stacy Morrison of Redbook is HOT

Stacy Morrison just said Namaste to Ivillage.  I love that and I love her!  This woman clearly gets it.  She’s taking the 104 year old Redbook online and doing it up right.  RedbookMag is the 2nd largest magazine web property.  All of the content from the magazine is available online, for free.  But, she’d still like it if you’d buy a magazine every now and then.

I’ve got to admit that before today, I never would have taken a second look at Redbook.  Ever.  Redbook what?  But, after listening to Stacy, I’m a new fan.  She’s smart, she’s hot and she’s real.  Check out her blog.

Lesley Pinckney from Essence Communications just told us that Warner Bros is putting the entire Friends catalog online.  Wow.  That’s a pretty big deal.  She says the big companies are paying attention to the audience and letting the audience desire drive the conversation more now than ever before.

Bravo TV’s Senior VP of New Media and Digital, Lisa Hsia, is talking about Hulu.  I didn’t have any idea what Hulu is, but it appears to be some sort of online TV service.  This is part of how the digital arena makes me feel dumb.  I generally feel like a really smart person, but not in the tech world.  It’s all moving faster than I can keep up with.

Back to Stacy again.  I think I love her.  Stacy acknowledges that the big media companies are struggling with how much to give away free and how much not to give away.  I get that.  I struggle with that too.  What I’ve found is the more I give, the more I get.  It’s scary to do it though because my mind is constantly screaming NO, hoard it.  Keep it.  Don’t give it away.  And yet, when I can move beyond that, I almost always come out on top.

Damn Stacy is smart – she just said she loves to make mistakes and she feels really lucky that her company lets her make mistakes.  She just wants to make the best mistakes.

She says the sex properties are the bestsellers even though no one admits to reading anything about sex online.  Sex Life Road Test is their most popular.  It’s hilarious, check it out.

So funny that they are now talking about Twitter on the panel and Twitter crashed at the same time.  Is it possible that every blogger at BlogHer signed into Twitter at the same time and brought it down?

I have to admit that I find it difficult to pay attention during much of this.

Once again, Stacy wows me – she said she is a person who has absolutely no personal boundaries.  Oh boy, I can relate to that!  Stacy is not her audience.  Her audience is conservative, religious and requires a certain amount of constraint that Stacy says she doesn’t have herself.

Stacy was definitely the highlight of this program.  You rock Stacy Morrison.


  1. sauerswaldThursday, July 24, 2008 at 3:00 am 

    I loved Stacy Morrison, too. I even subscribed to Redbook because of her.

  2. stacyredbookThursday, July 24, 2008 at 12:33 pm 

    Hey Alexis, thanks for the really nice shout-outs. I am so glad you enjoyed the keynote. I had a great time doing it, which I am sure was obvious.

    P.S. Mompreneurs rule. We write about them all the time in Redbook.

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