Membership Site?

I wanted to let you know about a special book promotion that is happening today only.

The book is by my friend, Sheri McConnell and is called Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses. Sheri McConnell is the Founder and President of two national organizations, National Association of Women Writers and the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs.

One of the reasons I wanted to you to check out Sheri’s book and take a look at was because of all the bonuses her team has put together for you. These bonuses are in line with Sheri’s overall mission to help women!

When you purchase Sheri’s book today, June 25th, 2008 at, you will receive thousands of dollars worth of bonuses for women and by women.

And if that weren’t enough, the book itself is “pure gold” for anyone wanting to create their own membership-based business!

Here is what just a few industry leaders have had to say about the book already:

“A simple, easy to understand guide that anyone can use to get started with a membership-based business!” —Alexandria Brown, Online Entrepreneur and Millionaire Marketing and Success Coach

“The road to a truly successful, lasting membership site can be a tricky one, and it pays (really pays) to get it right from the beginning. Sheri McConnell teaches you how to leverage and lead by using one of the most powerful formulas that exist: the membership-based business model.”
—Andrea J. Lee, Award-Winning Author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

“Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses is essential reading for any woman who wants to discover the power of leverage in their business model. With just one tip from this book full of golden nuggets, you’ll be able to catapult your revenue and results forward light years. I personally have experienced an extra $100k in my bottom line from membership based businesses – I hope you will too!”
—Melanie Benson Strick, Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach & Virtual Team Building Expert

“As an owner of a membership site myself, I can tell you that Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses exposes the truth of why a membership-based business model is so powerful—especially for female entrepreneurs. Beyond a great business model, my membership site has brought me so much closer to my community of entrepreneurs and we all work together to help each other succeed – and that is the best reward.”

—Stefanie Hartman, CEO SHE Inc. and Founder of Millionaires In Training (MIT) Program and the

I hope you can take a moment today to check out Sheri’s book and the many “women only” bonuses at


  1. destinyjoyfulWednesday, June 25, 2008 at 5:26 pm 

    I just bought it. I’m excited about it! I plan on starting my business at the beginning of the year once I get this baby out of me 😉
    Thanks for the suggestion!

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