My Book is On Amazon and Getting Great Reviews!

I love to read more than just about anything in this world.  So, publishing my own book is a pretty darn big deal.

It launches May 7th and we are giving away over $3,000 in gifts to purchasers on that day.  More information here.

Seeing my amazon page for the first time was beyond exciting, even though the book image isn’t up yet and my name is spelled wrong.  It’ll all get fixed before launch day – I hope.  But, the coolest thing was seeing that someone has already posted a review of the book at Amazon.

And, this is not even someone I know!!  She must have gotten a review copy from a friend.

Then, I saw that a blogger who had a chance to review the book has also already posted a review.  Wow!

Do me a favor, and don’t buy the book yet!  I know that sounds weird, but if you want to buy the book, go here and register so you can get a reminder to buy on May 7th and get all the awesome bonus gifts we put together.

If you want to review the book on your blog or on Amazon before our launch on May 7th, post a comment and let me know and we’ll get you an electronic review copy.

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