Reporting Live From BlogHer

BlogHer doesn’t even start until today, but the parties started hot and heavy last night. First, because I am a blogger for LA Moms Blog, I got to hit the Silicon Valley Moms Blog party at the hot Slide Lounge. I’ll have some video footage to post as soon as I can get it edited (could be months!). I was pretty sloshed, so there might be some major editing necessary. What can I say? It was my first night away from my kids in nearly a month, I was ready for some fun.

I get to the party, thinking I won’t know a soul except my friend Sarah A. who is now also blogging for LA Moms Blog and fellow lawyer and mom blogger, Linsey Krolik. Imagine my shock then when the first person I run into is a girl (now a woman) I not only went to college with, but was in *gasp* a sorority with. And, best of all, it was Sarah from the BlogHer Mom’s Road Trip!

Yes, it’s true Sarah and I were pledge sisters more than 15 years ago and haven’t seen each other since. Sorry for outing you as a sorority girl, Sarah! It’s actually kind of shocking that either of us were in a sorority as neither of us are the sorority type, but then again that’s why we both chose Delta Gamma. At UCF, it was the sorority for the misfits like us. You know there’s one of those at every school.

So, since Sarah is a superstar mom blogger who knows everyone, I immediately felt part of the in crowd by way of association. Although, truth be told, mom bloggers are so open and fun, even if I hadn’t known Sarah, I would’ve been chatting away with everyone. And, of course the open bar didn’t hurt!

4 Vanilla Stoli and Tonics later, the party was over and it was time to head over to the Westin St. Francis where the actual BlogHer event is taking place and where Jill Asher had all the swag bags.

What’s a swag bag you ask? Normally reserved for celebrities, swag is stuff business owners want to get into the hands and on to the blogs of mom bloggers with the hopes of a mention on an influential blog site. It’s one of the perks of blogging.

We lugged two huge bags of swag back to our hotel room. Everything from breastfeeding bottles to weight watchers’ muffins to games and date books, the swag bag is hot. More specifics on that to come later.

Before grabbing the swag, I stopped in at the BlogHer newbie party where I partied it up with James and Zameer of As you can probably tell from their names, James and Zameer are NOT Mom Bloggers. They are two cool guys from my hometown of Miami who have figured out the power of the mom network online and have built a business around it. You’ll be hearing me talk more about for sure. They are billing it as MySpace or Facebook for babies. Wow!

Through it all, Dave was a great sport. He even came to the BlogHer newbie party with me and carried my swag. What a guy! By the time I got back to my room, it was nearly midnight and I was zonked. Not too zonked to check out some of the swag though.

Now, because I took so long writing this I’ve got to rush to get ready so I don’t miss breakfast and the opening event.  More to come …

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