Self-Care and Love … Yes, Even for Lawyers

I just got back from San Francisco where I was speaking to lawyers attending the American Bar Association Annual meeting.

I was honored to give two presentations while I was there.

The first, an ignite-style presentation in which I had 6 minutes with 20 slides advancing 18s at a time.

I spoke about Love, Sweet Love for lawyers.

Here’s a bootleg copy of that presentation.

What you can’t see is that my knees were literally knocking beneath my skirt.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been that nervous doing a presentation before.

I can do a 90-minute talk with almost no preparation and without a shred of nerves, but 6-minutes scared the heck out of me.

On Saturday, I did a full 90-minutes on the revolutionary new law business model that allowed me to build my business from scratch into a million dollar a year law firm my clients loved within just three years.

Here’s the write up about that talk.

Despite the nasty comments on the write up from curmudgeonly lawyers who give the rest a bad name and the incorrect facts in the article, a few lawyers approached me after the presentation and said it was the best they had ever heard at an ABA meeting.

What I talked about applies to all service-based business owners – business success begins with loving yourself (self-care) and then setting up your business systems so your clients know you really love them.

To do that, you need to stop trying to serve the world and instead focus on serving your just right, most perfect people you were meant to serve.

It means you need to have a team to support you – you cannot do it all alone.

And you need to stop charging for what you should be giving away and instead build what I call a stand tall and go deep business model that allows you to create true make a difference, lifelong relationships with your clients.

Self care and love – no matter what business you are in, it’ll make all the difference in the world.

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