So Ready For This (And Not Ready At All!)

In the morning, I leave for 12 days in Peru.  It’ll also be my 37th birthday.

This is the longest trip away from my kids and the longest I will be without regular access to email.

I’m ready. And, I’m scared.

I’m in immense gratitude to the Universe for giving me exactly what I need when I need it, even though it’s challenging.

As a result of this trip, I have been given the opportunity to let go of what’s not serving me even more.

I have been given the inspiration to get crystal clear about my vision and communicate that to my team more deeply than ever before.

I have been given the possibility of trusting that all is well even when I’m not in control of every last detail.

I am leaving in the midst of a launch for Russell’s Clean Up Your Life program … my first campaign for my husband and with a new launch team. (If you haven’t listened to the call we did, don’t miss it – we are already getting reports of transformation from people who listened to the call live.)

And I’m leaving two other teams preparing for campaigns in my other businesses.

Part of me says I’m crazy for thinking I can do this and the bigger part says of course I can, this is exactly what I’ve been working toward all these years.

This is what it means to build a sustainable business.

Sustainable business = a business with structures and systems in place to support and serve your great work in the world even when you are out in the field experiencing more life and not focusing on the business.

It’s something not a lot of entrepreneurs/business owners ever experience because it all depends on them.  But that’s not sustainable, it’s a recipe for burnout.

The key is building the systems and then being willing to let go and let them operate.

It’s scary, but there’s no better way to do it than to do it.

So, tomorrow we leave.  Even if I haven’t contacted everyone I wanted to touch base with about our big New Year’s Eve call.  Even if I haven’t gotten through every email in my priority inbox.  Even if I haven’t reviewed every word of every email going out for the Clean Up Your Life campaign.  Even though I didn’t get any guest bloggers set up while I was gone.

I’m leaving.  And it’s all going to find a way.  Because it does.  Every time.

And I’ve got amazing teams and systems in place to ease the way.

What are the systems you need to have in place to let your business run, your great work to get out there and your clients to be served while you enjoy your life?  And what steps are you taking to create them?

I look forward to hearing where you are on this and seeing you when I’m back in December.


  1. StarWednesday, November 17, 2010 at 2:26 pm 

    I marvel at your courage and might to create success on your terms… I am cheering you on Alexis
    Sending good thoughts…always. Star**

  2. Jennifer LoudenFriday, November 19, 2010 at 3:18 pm 

    It’s all good. So glad you can model courage and ease and living life for so many – go girl!

  3. Jennifer LoudenFriday, November 19, 2010 at 3:18 pm 

    It’s all good. So glad you can model courage and ease and living life for so many – go girl!

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