The Entrepreneur Equation – Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

Are you thinking about starting a new business?  Or are you overwhelmed and overworked in your existing one?

Then, you need to meet my good friend and respected business strategist, Carol Roth.

Carol has a dynamic new book called The Entrepreneur Equation which I believe is essential reading if you want to thrive as an entrepreneur.  This is not the “same-old” re-hashed business B.S., but a no-nonsense book on how to stack the odds of business success in your favor and succeed in business for the long term. Check out the video above to see what I think about her new book (and see her amazing fashion doll – so cool!).

Carol has an amazing background in not only helping entrepreneurs like you, but she’s helped companies raise over $1 billion in capital.  She knows her stuff, which is why MSNBC, FOX Business and many other business outlets consistently feature Carol’s advice.

Because I believe this book should be required reading for both aspiring and existing business owners alike, I am giving away a Money Map to Freedom home study program as part of a creative pre-launch contest she’s put together:

By clicking on the link above, you’ll see some of the amazing bonus offers that Carol is giving away to readers who buy the book this week, including an exclusive 3-part Audio Series: Strategies for Getting Your Company, Your Product or Yourself on TV & Other Free Press! with Emmy award winners, TV anchors and PR veterans.  And, you’ll get the scoop on the generous prizes offered by entrepreneurs you respect and admire, including Liz Strauss, Les McKeown, Michael Port and many more.

Whether you win one of Carol’s amazing products or not, if you buy three copies of her book, you’ll receive access to an exclusive webinar and the first two modules of the Money Map to Freedom so you can begin truth-telling your way to the life you really want.

And, here’s the best part.  For every book purchased this week, Carol will be donating one book to, the national business non-profit, as a way to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to succeed.

So, I encourage you to grab one (or more) copies of Carol’s book to support your entrepreneurial goals and success while furthering a great cause:

By the way, if you want to donate the books to SCORE, you can still keep the entries and other bonuses for yourself, so be sure to check out the list of bonuses by clicking on the link above.

Carol’s contest expires on Friday, Feb 18 at 11:59 pm ET so go ahead and grab your bonuses today:

Oh, and if you’d love to see a behind the scenes evolutionary entrepreneur interview I did with Carol for my evolutionary entrepreneur series, you can get that here along with more than 30+ additional interviews with evolutionary entrepreneurs that will rock your world.

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