The Whole Truth Show — Too Transparent?

There is so much happening so rapidly that I have not been able to keep up with sharing it all with you here on the blog.  Living in community is rich.  Radically transforming my business model adds an entirely additional layer to all of it.  And speaking radical truth amidst it all adds a whole nother layer on top of all of it.

I want to share all of it as it’s happening.  I have scores of half complete posts that I haven’t had time to complete.  And then I wonder whether that’s better anyway because Danielle LaPorte is uber-clear when she says “Do not, I repeat, please don’t teach about your personal learning when you’re in the hell of it.”  I’m definitely in it.

So I’m struggling with how much to share in the here and now of it and how much to share later, after it’s all shaken out.

I’m scared something will be lost if I wait.  And I so want to be totally transparent as it’s happening.  So few people are.  You hear about their bankruptcies, divorces, business collapses, death sequences only years later after they have pulled through and turned it all around, but don’t you wish you could have been there with them when it was happening to see how they made it through?  I do.  And I want that for you too.

For now, writing it out doesn’t seem to be happening, but I am talking about all of it as it’s happening on the Whole Truth Show, each Tuesday.  Maybe I’m being too transparent, letting you in too  much.  But, I really feel as if that’s the biggest gift I can offer the world — truth, as it’s happening, no holds barred.

Sure, I can teach you about marketing, business models, systems & structures (and we do talk about all of that on the show in the second and third hour), but lots of people can do that.  What few are willing to do is really let you in on what’s happening behind the scenes.  I am and do.  In fact, we are covering the deconstruction of one of my businesses today, the radical new business model I rolled out to my team yesterday and how you might be able to step in and take it all over if you are the right fit.

Tune in to find out what I mean. (Opt-In at to get to the live show)

This week’s show is the last before we leave for the Burn on Friday.  We’ll take a week off and then be back on September 6.  I hope to see you there.




  1. Nathalie LozanoWednesday, August 24, 2011 at 1:38 am 

    You know, I was surprised the first time I saw thewholetruth. I even panicked because I was wondering if I had made a mistake by buying the CES. A hippie lawyer giving me advice? hmmm… I am quite unstable myself and I used to think that only very “conventional” and “stable” people could teach me something. What a mistake!! It took me a couple of days (maybe a couple of weeks :)) to get used to all that, but now I can say I ADMIRE you. I know it’s not easy to be transparent. I really KNOW. I am in a “similar” process. For the last couple of years I’ve been struggling to build MY TRUTH. And even though that’s bringing me happiness, I am also paying “the price”: this week, I lost my “best” friend…. but, even if that can be sad, I know that the price for being inauthentic, for hiding who I am is a lot higher. What I see in you is a GREAT WOMAN. KEEP GOING ON. Love, Nathalie Lozano (Bogota)

  2. gnizTuesday, September 6, 2011 at 5:51 pm 

    I do think it’s pretty challenging to talk about stuff while I’m going through tumultuous times. I applaud you on your candor and openness in doing so, that’s certainly refreshing.

    However, I think it could become tricky to speak from a place of authority on subjects that I am only just discovering myself.  The more people I have listening to my words and following my lead, the greater my responsibility to them.  

    Everyone is responsible for their own path, but just so, many times I’d like to give it over to a leader or someone who I view as more experienced than myself.  And this can be a very big problem.

    A good teacher is someone, in my opinion, who ALWAYS puts the onus back on the student to do the work and come to the understandings.  Nobody can gives this to me, I have to do the work myself.  Nobody can tell me my own truth.

    Once I start teaching and speaking to others about my truths and experiences, I have to be VERY responsible.  Techniques are one thing.  But speaking about my truths as objective or somehow based on unchanging reality can lead others down a rabbit hole.

    First, I must find what techniques really work for me.  Not just for a day or a week or even a year.  But techniques that have long lasting value, which I have come to understand through diligent research and self-assessment.  After a very long time, I might be able to begin to share these things cautiously with others.  

    I’ve been working on certain methods for over 10 years and am really only now beginning to reach out to others.  Even now, it is a very light reaching out, its not standing on a soap box.

    Why is this important?

    Because if I’d started “teaching” back in those first few years before I really had been through the ups and downs of this practice, before I’d seen some of the pitfalls and come out the other side–I would merely have been adding to other peoples’ frustrations and pain.

    In order to teach, I need to be able to truly be the example.  I need to have gone through it and then come back to show the way up the mountain.  An example would be someone who tries to lead an expedition up Mt Everest the first time climbing it.  There are real life people who have tried to do that.  And they ended up costing other climbers’ their lives.  

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