The World IS Crumbling and We CAN Save It

Last night, at Cynthia Kersey’s birthday fundraiser event (look for Barry Selby on Facebook for pictures) I had the great pleasure of getting to spend time with Bill Harris, the founder of Centerpointe and Holosync, the program that hundreds of thousands of people have used to improve their lives.

Bill is very likely more tapped into the collective consciousness than just about anyone I have ever met.

He has sold more personal development programs than possibly anyone currently living and deeply knows and understands human nature.

I was checking out his blog tonight and found this post on the state of our world and where we are going titled Going to Hell in a Handbasket that is extremely in line with my recent posts about preparation for our next evolution.

While Bill and I did not talk about any of this at dinner last night, I am not surprised to read these posts because he is one of those people who I tend to meet periodically that I just know have at least some of the answers for our future.

For those of you who wanted more information and guidance about what’s coming and what to do, I cannot imagine anyone better to help us get into reality and figure out what to do than Bill Harris.

Make sure to read part two of his post series as well.  I’m eagerly awaiting part 3 that will help us see through the potential for depression in the face of these harsh realities.

Bottom line that you will hear from both me and Bill in these posts is that we can no longer keep our eyes closed to what’s real and true.

Accept reality as it is and from there we can come together and transform it.  But, we’ll never do it if we pretend it’s not real.  This is not fear-mongering.  This is willingness to see the truth of what is really happening.

The reality is that we are moving into a both/and paradigm. The world is crumbling around us AND we can save it.  But, not if we keep our eyes closed to it.


  1. Christopher Sousa LambeMonday, March 21, 2011 at 7:10 pm 

    We must open our eyes up to everything that is happening around us not only within the physical reality of life’s grip but more importantly in the non visible spiritual dimension of life. Deja Vu has begun to increase exponentially in those beginning to “ascend”, dreams have increased in vibrancy & meaning etc.

    Everywhere I look I can see a mass amount of people beginning to wake up and become more and more aware that something is happening. There are those of us actively involved in trying to make a shift happen in consciousness of our fellow man but we know all we can do is show the door it is the individual that must walk through it and discover that true self does not end within the confines of the body.

    I am so glad to have been following your blog for some time now and be witnessing your progression of awareness as I myself was also going through the same journey. It is always nice to know you are not alone. I know for a lot of people when they begin to awaken most people in there life have not & it can almost make you feel as if you are going crazy. It definitely puts a lot of questions into your head, wondering what exactly is happening to you. Sure enough though with time and finding other conscious beings who share your new found feelings & awareness, you begin to realize it is not you who is crazy but the confines of what we have built to believe is ‘normal’ that is.

    Thank you for your post, I look forward to meeting you in the future.

  2. ChristianTuesday, March 22, 2011 at 4:06 am 

    I don’t see anything in Bill’s writing which connotes the world crumbling. I’m not sure what it means to save the world. Save it how? Save it from what?

  3. MarilynSaturday, March 26, 2011 at 12:22 pm 

    Months back, when I interviewed over 125 transformative leaders about what they saw coming in the future, I often encountered a polarized response: we were either headed for full systems collapse OR we were riding the waves towards a new beautiful world.

    In the wake of Japan and the psychological impact of that, I’m finding it interesting that in the same week we have Stephan Dinan / Barbara Marx Hubbard on the one hand holding the space for the birth of an exhilarating new age and on the other hand Bill Harris’ hell in a hand-basket scenario.

    How do we hold both? Holding in our awareness the dire realities of the world, breathing into our hearts without free-falling into despair. AND holding our responsibility, our agency and visions of possibility. At any one moment it may be hard to hold both both realities. We may need to descend into our grief to find the strength, courage and resilience to hold a vision that has roots in reality, not just wings. But the danger is that we can get lost in the darkness. Just as we can get lost in the light.

    As leaders, I believe that it’s our responsibility to hold both the darkness and light, to find that balance that can help us navigate the present and the future with our eyes, hearts and visions wide open. Because the future we’re able to see impacts the future we’re able to create.

    Sending you blessings and love, Alexis for your courage to bring these issues out into the open.

  4. AnonymousThursday, March 31, 2011 at 7:29 am 

    Christopher, I look forward to meeting you as well! Would be amazing for you to join us at Eden. for details.

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