True Freedom May Start Here For You

I’m literally writing today from the road. Driving from Las Vegas to San Diego on the 3rd leg of my 2 week working travelfest.

Actually, my BFF Joanne is driving and we’ve got three of our kids in the backseat.

This is freedom!

I can work and play and travel while my companies bring in plenty of money, serve our clients and impact the world the whole time I’m on the road.

The best part is I get to be who I truly am without compromise.

Here’s a picture of me leaving Las Vegas. Totally true to me.

5 years ago, this was all a dream.

I was a lawyer with a bricks and mortar business serving all of my clients in person.

I had to dress a certain way, show up in the office at least 5 days a week and I felt trapped because I didn’t know any other way to serve my clients.

I wanted to serve, make money, and be free.

I knew it was possible and invested at years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to figure out how to do it.

You don’t have to do that.

My girl, Lisa Sasevich, made a video series that gives you the specifics of a huge part of what I invested so much time and money to learn.

I think the videos come down tomorrow, so watch them today.  Here’s where you can see them:

Link to Register for Lisa’s Class

(this is an affiliate link, while there is nothing for sale here, if you buy anything from Lisa in the future, I’ll get a cut – thank you for choosing to use my link when you invest with Lisa.)

Plus, once you sign up for the video series, along with getting immediate access to Lisa’s complete video series, you’ll also get VIP access to Lisa’s tele-training — 5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars 2.0: How to make BIG FAST MONEY doing what you LOVE!”

It happens today: Thursday, March 24th at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST.

This is THE call to be on if you want to learn the secrets behind ALL Lisa’s 6-figure plus launches, and how the heck she managed to turn her little home-based business into a 7-figure business in less than 3 years…without being pushy or salesy.  (Not to mention having NO EMPLOYEES!)

In late 2006, I hosted my first teleseminar and made $117,000 in just over an hour.  I then went on to do about $200,000 in the first 6 weeks of my business, all via teleseminars.  And $2,000,000 over the next two years.  Almost entirely from teleseminars like what Lisa will be teaching you.

While the money itself did not bring me true freedom, it certainly did ease the way.

And I probably would never have gotten to a place where true freedom was possible without getting a little financial freedom under my belt.

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary video series and teleclass.

Link to Register for Lisa’s Class

Touch base with me after the call and let me know how it was for you.

And I’d love for you to share with me in the comments about what you will do when you have freedom to not be chained to your desk, your job or anything else.

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