Truth in Life and Business

We must learn how to tell the truth.

It’s probably the single most important skill I’ve learned over all my years in business.

And it’s been the hardest as well.

If you think you always do tell the truth, here are some places you might not be:

1. You may not be telling your team members what you’d really like and how you really feel.

2.  You may not be looking at your business numbers.

3. You may not be seeing your own level of happiness and fulfillment.

Each of these generally stems from some variation of lying to yourself.  That’s where it starts, of course.  We delude ourselves constantly because the truth can be tough to see.  And then, we lie to others because we want them to like us, or we do not want to hurt their feelings.

It’s time for all of us to learn to tell the truth.  Can you muster up the courage to start now by sharing one truth you haven’t been speaking in the comments?

Post-Walk Update: I went for a walk after writing this post and here’s what came up.

It’s so not your fault about the not telling the truth.  Very few people have modeled truth-telling for us.  If you were lucky enough to be raised by people who knew how, celebrate. But most of us were not.  Now is the time to learn.

There are several people modeling it really well in the entrepreneurial world and I’ll be sharing them with you in a series of talks with evolutionary entrepreneurs about great work, great life and great business.  Look for those soon and make sure we have your name and email address (put it in there at the upper right) and we’ll let you know as soon as they are released.


  1. VickieSaturday, January 8, 2011 at 12:03 am 

    Hello Alexis

    This is Vickie, I was the interviewer for the Possibilitarian article I wrote on you and this is exactly why I interviewed you. This is a brave post that allows us to examine our level of honesty. Examining where we hide our brilliance behind
    mindset habits and old manners that block us
    from seeing the truth within ourselves making it
    almost easy to lie unintentionally.
    This is a powerful post to start the year with.
    thank you for the gentle “in your face reminder”
    that honesty sets us free. I am looking forward to your series of posts on this subject, definitly twittered.

    Vickie Jimenez

  2. Michael BryantSaturday, January 8, 2011 at 4:36 am 

    Is it really a truth issue? To know your not happy or fulfilled, seems different then lying to yourself that you really are. Seems to me that there are different ways to approach that question. As to not telling others how you feel or really looking at the numbers, those are hiding from the truth. Good stuff to think about. Thanks

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