What I learned at my day with John Assaraf

Last Friday, I spend the day masterminding with John Assaraf (of the Secret fame), Max Simon, Eva Gregory (channels Theos), Morgana Rae (Money Alchemist), Greg Habstrit (did the big event in Calgary w/ the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson), and Robert Evans (the Messenger Network).

I’ll be honest, I was not quite sure what would come of the day because I have been in a strange place lately emotionally and not really wanting to focus much on money or business.

I attended with an open-mind, an open-heart and clear intention to receive the resources of the room.

Here’s what I learned:

1. I need people around me who play at the details.

One of John’s partners Mike dropped by to show us the new perpetual launch/automated webinar system they’ve got up and running for John’s new Brain Entrainment program.

WOW, the marketing machine for this is phenomenal.  It’s what I have wanted to implement for years for my lawyer training business and am ready to implement for the Money Map and LIFT.

The reality is that I do not have the right people in place in either one of my businesses to carry this out at the level I would like to — not because I do not have amazing people on my team, I do.  They are simply not detail people in the way Mike is and I can now see I need to find that if I want to implement this level of marketing system and really do it up right.

John was clear on what he wanted the system to do and then went out and found the people who could play at the details to make it happen.

That’s my next step — find someone who plays at the details and can work with my existing team to implement this strategy for us because it is not my expertise or desire to do it.

2. I have slipped into small thinking.

It’s something I think we all have the tendency to do and this is why it’s so important to be in the consciousness of big thinkers, dreamers and visionaries – their dreams and possibilities will inspire yours.

If you are constantly hanging around with people who are thinking small (competitive, fear-based, just care about making a buck), guess what happens to your thinking?

At one point, during the mastermind, I saw so clearly how most of in the room (including me) judge or move into fear thinking and that’s exactly the intersection where John sees opportunity.  John does not let the shortcomings or excellence of others impact his forward trajectory.

Going forward, I will be more aware of where I am letting other people’s actions or thoughts keep me from moving forward toward what I know I want to bring forth into the world.

3. The Money Map is not about business at all, it’s about reinvention.

John helped me to see a vision of myself that I had a sense of, but had not articulated clearly. And the timing could not have been more perfect because I am in the midst of working on my book proposal and this new awareness will add a subtle, but very important twist.

In our company, we serve three markets:

1.  People in a corporate or professional job who know they are here for something more than what their degree prepared them for or their job offers, but they are trapped by the money they are making or idea that they should be grateful just to have a job in this economy;

(This was me when I was at Munger, Tolles & Olson for my first three years out of law school; making a high 6-figures, expenses climbing and me trying to convince myself I should be grateful for my job even though I knew I was here for something so much more impactful and on-purpose.)

2.  People who have made the leap and started their own businesses to find that something greater or live their purpose, but who are not making enough money because they do not have enough business awareness or knowledge yet

(This was me my first couple of years after I left the firm to start my own law practice and I was floundering around trying to figure out how to make a living that would support my family.  It was a scary time that I have oft wanted to help people with because it was so hard for me to find good resources who could really help me.)

3.  People who are doing their Great Work in the world, business they love and are on purpose doing it, but are at risk of burnout or sabotaging their mission because they do not have systems in their business and their business is not sustainable from a life perspective.

(I’ve gotten to this place twice now – million dollar plus business doing what I thought was my purpose, only to find out that the business model I had built was not supportive of the person I want to be in the world.  In the first case, I sabotaged the business by selling it too quickly and to the wrong person and in the second case, I had to totally deconstruct the business and re-build it from the ground up.)

John helped me see that I am the queen of reinvention and I do what very few other people do in the world – my work and experiences guide you to reinvent yourself so your life and work are in alignment and integrated with the truth of who you are.

I have modeled reinvention again and again throughout my life, refusing to settle for anything less than full purpose, integration of life and business, and living my awakening.

I’ve made lots of mistakes and money along the way and my Money Map takes everything I learned and guides you to reinvent yourself so you can take money out of the equation and start living the life you really came here to live while you offer your greatest gifts to the world.

This means a lot less focus on the newbie business owner from a marketing perspective and a lot more focus on markets 1 and 3 – those of you who have gotten trapped by the money into being someone you really are not; those of you who are ready to let it go to step into more of the truth of who you really are and why you are really here.  And those of you who want to do it without worrying about or stressing out about money.

This idea of reinvention also provides an over-arching theme that is equally applicable to both the lawyer marketplace I serve (the lawyers I serve are craving reinvention and that’s exactly what we deliver) and the entrepreneurial marketplace.

And, it’s totally consistent with my strong desire and awareness that I am here to help you break free of the big corporations, the government and dependence on anything other than yourself, your family and your community for your well-being.

Reinvention = freedom because as you reinvent yourself you begin to realize everything you’ve been holding on to from a “have to” and “should” perspective is based on conditioning and old patterns that do not serve you.  Once you let go of this conditioning, you get to create the exact life you want, on your terms and reinvent yourself into the real you.

Oh glory, what a beautiful day that will be when we are all exactly who we came here to be.  Imagine what that will be like.  Why would we have any conflict or unhappiness or stress or strife if we were all being and doing exactly as we know we really are without compromise, fear, shame, guilt, worry or doubt.

Do you think the world would change if we all reinvented ourselves into the highest, most purposeful versions of ourselves and let go of the idea that we have to be a certain way or do a certain thing just for the money?  I sure do.

But, I’d love to hear what you think.  Leave me a comment below and let me know.  And be sure to let me know if you have any questions about my day with John, Max, Greg, Morgana, Robert and Eva as well.


  1. KavitaTuesday, April 12, 2011 at 2:47 am 

    Hi Alexis! Insightful and interesting post. You really are the queen of reinvention, and as you reinvent yourself, it seems you may be looking for a detail-oriented business professional to help you. I might be that person, and Kelly has my contact information. I just purchased money map to freedom on Sunday. I heard you on Elizabeth’s telesummit and was moved by many of your comments and insights. Much Love and Gratitude, Kavita (aka Leela), a lawyer and businessperson in transition

  2. Eyal RonenTuesday, April 12, 2011 at 3:11 am 


    What a great post. I wish I could have been there. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. It is absolutely huge for me to learn about your perspective and learning’s. The more I learn bout you and your work, the more amazed I am.

    Thank you for writing!


  3. Justin GuzmanTuesday, April 12, 2011 at 4:08 pm 

    Hello, just found your blog. I was hooked in when I saw the first post being a meeting with John Assaraf. He certainly helped influence my life through his writing. I find it interesting that you speak of being “trapped” by your money. I think I have also heard it called putting on the Golden handcuffs. You get set in your carreer start making a great wage and then start going into debt buying everything you think you need to show people you are succesful. I think there are many people looking for a way out. And as soon as people figure out they can do it if they only find their true purpose and passions. There will probably be a revolution in buisness.

  4. AmandaThursday, April 14, 2011 at 6:18 pm 

    Hi Alexis, this blog post totally resonated with me. So much to do and time is so precious. We do similar things to you too. Would love to connect on FB if you have room so I can follow your posts! Have a fantastic day and good luck withthe book proposal. Amanda

  5. Christina MorassiSaturday, April 16, 2011 at 12:48 am 

    Queen of reinvention… I LOVE THAT!! That feels like a deep honoring of your soul. Go John Assaraf… And go Queen Alexis! Thank you for sharing those powerful gems with us.

  6. Christina MorassiSaturday, April 16, 2011 at 12:48 am 

    Queen of reinvention… I LOVE THAT!! That feels like a deep honoring of your soul. Go John Assaraf… And go Queen Alexis! Thank you for sharing those powerful gems with us.

  7. Nanette SaylorSaturday, April 16, 2011 at 4:12 pm 

    Thank you for sharing this powerful insight, Alexis.
    As an ex-hospitality executive, turned Creativity Coach, I definitely fall into the “And those of you who want to do it without worrying about or stressing out about money.” category.

    I so appreciate your vision, your mission, your evolution and now, you’re reinvention.

    I love what you wrote here:
    Reinvention = freedom because as you reinvent yourself you begin to realize everything you’ve been holding on to from a “have to” and “should” perspective is based on conditioning and old patterns that do not serve you. Once you let go of this conditioning, you get to create the exact life you want, on your terms and reinvent yourself into the real you.

    Shedding that old condition, those old patterns is where I get stuck too often. The good news is, at least now, I recognize it, and have created a personal practice and a support network that are turning those stuck days into more moments of even greater clarity, and finally, much more deliberate action.
    Yet, having the faith & fortitude to keep going and to do the “scary stuff”, when the revenue isn’t growing fast enough to keep the worry about money from creeping in, is the hardest part. Frankly, there are days it’s downright crippling. I keep going, reminded that others, like you, have been where I am, and that it is possible for me to turn what is now a life I love into a business that will sustain me without worry.

    I am grateful to have found my way to connecting here in the blogosphere, to the support of your experience, strength, evolution, and re-invention, and look forward to the day I will share in one of your experiences in person.

    Wishing you well–

  8. JohnSunday, April 17, 2011 at 5:59 pm 

    Hi Alexis,
    This makes me very proud of you and I am so happy that you really GOT IT!
    Way to go!

  9. KaoriMonday, April 18, 2011 at 1:44 am 

    Thank you for your insights. I can definitely say I am reinventing myself. It is great to know there are like-minded people who are actively working for their own purposes.

  10. AnonymousTuesday, April 19, 2011 at 4:43 am 

    Hi Amanda, yes – please reach out on Facebook to Alexis Shanti Neely, my other profile is full and not used very often.


  11. AnonymousTuesday, April 19, 2011 at 4:43 am 

    Hi Eyal. Thanks sweetie. I hope we get to see each other again soon. Much cross pollination and learning to be done amongst us all. Love!

  12. AnonymousTuesday, April 19, 2011 at 4:44 am 

    Hi Leela, thank you! I look forward to hearing how your experience with the Truth-Telling part of the Money Map is. xoxo

  13. AnonymousWednesday, July 27, 2011 at 12:37 pm 

    Hi Alexis,
    This post could not have come at a better time. I am working so hard on my business – which includes multiple sites and clients and am at the point of total burnout. Something that I love so much has become a complete nightmare and the source of all my stress, guilt and anxiety.
    I have clearly identified that I do not have the right model, strategy and business practices in place. I really need solutions and a complete restructure of my business plan and model. I BELIEVE that it is possible to have a business that runs smoothly, with the right help and that is effortless and where I can add the 5% of the top revenue generating tasks and leave the details to the people who are good at details.
    I need to get some brainstorming and help in place.

    Thank you so much for this post and I hope to connect with you more in the future


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