What If You Stopped Resisting Playing Too Small?

For those of you in resistance to doing work you are good at, that comes easily, but doesn’t feel “big” enough … I spent years feeling this way about being a lawyer and serving lawyers. I resisted it, rejected it, pushed away from it, convinced myself I could not be all of who I really am because of it & I nearly killed a highly profitable business that does amazingly great work in the world as a result.

I did not care about the money if I could not have the freedom to be all of me.

In August of last year, I stopped resisting. I let go of any idea of what it or I was supposed to be and surrendered to what want’s to happen.

I began to refocus my energy and attention on the Great Work I was bringing through.  I paid attention to all the resources the Universe gave me and stopped rejecting those that seemed “too small” and instead focused on how being a lawyer and serving the legal community could serve my purpose for being on this planet.

I began to get out of the idea of what I “should” be and into gratitude about the gifts I had been given.

I used my Money Map process to look at where the business model I had created around this work was not serving my life and revamped my offer, prices, and packages so I would have a sustainable business that would allow me to be all of who I am – including a lawyer and (as Dave used to call me) a hippy California chick, a community builder, and would give me plenty of time to let my inner girl come out and play without fear.

I am thrilled beyond measure to report that I spent all day today working in my lawyer business absolutely LOVING it. The lawyers are reporting tremendous results (8 appointments from one of our marketing campaigns, 6 appointments from another, 100% engagement rates, and clients who are grateful for the experience with their lawyer just to name a few) and I am so grateful to be helping them attract, engage, serve and retain clients they love who love them by instituting my new paradigm business model in their practices.

And to think I almost gave this up.  What a shift a couple of years and a new business model can make.

Consider diving into what you are resisting with a new perspective – let go of attachment to what it should look like, get clear on what you want it to look like and give gratitude for all the gifts you have been given.

What you can do really well right now that is of service in the world, but you are not giving your full energy to because it feels “too small” or like you are so ready to leave it behind for the “next big thing?”  How can you say yes to more of that now in a way that feels great to you?  I invite you to consider that because it could be the acres of diamonds you have been looking everywhere for, right beneath your feet.


  1. ann marquetteSaturday, May 28, 2011 at 1:16 am 

    I only found out some years ago that I have a gift of writing…stories and poetry.  One book published.
    I get no money for my writing, but the benefits readers tell me they get from some of my writings, I guess that is why I am supposed to continue. 
    Although I am working on it more than in the past, thanks to the blog I started, I don’t put a lot of focus into it because I have to find a source of finances.  The only source of finances I know of for me is to get back to a regular job.  When I work full time (which is needed to make enough $s) I am too tired to find good quality time to get inspired to work on my writing 🙁
    Still trying to figure out the rest of my life 🙂

  2. Karen JSaturday, May 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm 

    Thanks for the Reminder that “It’s Okay” to take baby steps!
    The concept of “too small” is usually based in ‘somebody else’s judgement’….

    Bright Blessings! 

  3. Alison HummelWednesday, June 1, 2011 at 2:02 am 

    this is really true. i am a very successful sales professional for about 6 years and i offer sales coaching to salons, spas, nutritionists, etc. it truly brings in really good money for me, i enjoy sharing the knowledge that i spent many years learning and my clients are always pleased as punch. i am excited to sell more packages around sales training bc a. it is really really easy for me to get clients. and b. the ease of the process takes stress away from “finding my life’s purpose.” oh wait i already know what my life’s purpose is: to be happy and a flower of joy. 

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  5. Steve RobisonWednesday, June 15, 2011 at 8:50 pm 

    Thanks for this post. I found it at just the right time. I’m a writer, a great writer, but I continue to play and think small, causing me to not create and attract the success I know to be my destiny and purpose. 

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