Where I Have Been + Where You Can Find Me Now

I’m in the midst of an integration that began a bit more than two years ago when I realized I was not being who or how I wanted to be in the world.  That realization sent me into a tailspin.

How could I promote my businesses if I was unwilling to do traditional media anymore? Could I still have a company serving lawyers and be fully my eccentric, unusual, authentic self?

I wasn’t sure.  The team I had back then was sure I couldn’t.  Over and over again, I heard:

“Alexis, you can’t do that. Alexis, you can’t say that. You can’t write that.
You can’t wear that. You can’t be that.
You’ll hurt the business.”

My inner teenager said “Fuck that. If that’s the case, I don’t want the business.”  She set out to sabotage everything I had built.  And, honestly, she almost succeeded.

But Spirit had bigger plans.

I just had to face everything I was most afraid of, let go of everything I was attached to and get out of the way to allow those plans to happen.

Now, they are.

Through it all, I’ve woken up to what’s most important and discovered that I CAN be fully me — a bad-ass, driven, focused lawyer type AND a soft, feminine, community-focused, heart-centered, spiritually-minded evolutionary.

I love business and systems and money and marketing and community and trading/bartering and giving and dancing.

So I’m embracing all of it and at the same time focusing my energy very narrowly.  Spending time with my family, cleaning up broken systems, and rebuilding everything from the ground up with a solid foundation of all of who and what I am.

It feels good.  I have less money today than I have since my salad days of law school, no credit and tons of debt, but I’m less afraid than I have ever been.

And in many ways having less resources available to me is helpful because it requires me to make choices on what I say yes to, what I say no to, and to focus, focus focus.

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