Why Business Rocks as a Path to Awakening

Parenting, Relationships and Business … 3 of the best ways to awaken to what’s real and get beyond the patterned/conditioned ways of being that keep us stuck in the ego/mind.

Regardless of which path you are on, you’ll experience the same stuff.  Your ego will take a beating, fear will arise, you will become aware that the answer is to let go and get into the flow.  You will practice focusing on what you want and letting go of the attachment to getting it.  If you are on the path of awakening, you will recognize we are warriors, no matter whether it’s happening through business, parenting or relationship.

The reason I love business as a path is because it’s so juicy.  It’s not relationship with just one person, it’s relationship with multiple people.  And it brings up all the issues – money, rejection, competition, comparison, limitation thinking, fear, fear, fear – in such a divine manner.

One of my big issues to work with throughout my life has been the money shadow.  My parent’s had all sorts of money issues that were passed down.  And I’ve gotten to work a lot of those out through business.  It’s through business that we really get to see how insidious and deeply rooted these patterns are and if we stay on the path we can exorcise them.

I also feel the most capable at it.  I don’t feel so great at parenting or relationship a lot of the time.  But,I guess I’ve done enough business at this point that I’ve become what Seth Godin calls an Outlier.  I’ve put in my 10,000+ hours in business, so now whatever comes up, I know I can handle it.  It doesn’t mean it’s not hard, just that I know I’ll get through it and I can relax a whole lot more.

And I love seeing how all the same things I have had to learn in business are the exact same things I need to learn to be a more present, more aware, less reactive mom, wife and friend.  Whatever I’m working on in one area will eventually show up in one of the areas.  The only question is where I’m going to learn it first.

I find that learning what I need for the evolution of my soul through business and then applying it to life is a path that feels right for me. What about you?  Where do you do your work first?  Business? Relationship? Parenting?  Something else I haven’t mentioned?  I’d love to hear.

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  1. Susan LiddyMonday, January 10, 2011 at 10:25 pm 

    My top growth areas are my relationships, my business and my body. My biggest emotional triggers exist in these three areas. One of the biggest lessons I learned through my divorce 5 years ago was to become aware of where my triggers belong… that is, when I am triggered to notice if it is a response to a CURRENT situation or really a very old response to a very old experience from a very long time ago… It’s not always easy, yet if I can identify the “little me” who is feeling the pain and go directly there, the learning and the healing and the growth is immeasurable.

  2. KHTuesday, January 11, 2011 at 2:47 pm 

    I’m not sure which one guides me first. I suppose I am the same in relationships as I am in a business that I love. I throw my whole self into it with gusto and commitment, but then expect more out of it than I continue to put into it. I’m just realizing that now as I’m writing this comment to your post. Wow! What an awakening. Thanks, Lex. Seems I need to gin up my commitments to produce the fruits I crave. Parenting? The follow-through on what I say is truly the hardest. Hmm. Seems to be a pattern here. Ruh roh. Better change now! I think it’s comfort that stagnates my passion. And the only way for me to get uncomfortable is to be the best I can be. And why should I settle for anything less anyway, right? Thanks for the therapy session! LOL.

  3. Ylva JanssonWednesday, January 19, 2011 at 9:51 pm 

    I love your approach here as business being a path to awakening. So often we feel that one must come before the other. “I won’t be fulfilled and awakened until my business succeeds.” or “I won’t succeed in my business unless I become fully awakened.” Each of these are major stuck-pits for people.

    Thanks Alexis, looking forward to reading more from you!


  4. CraigSaturday, January 22, 2011 at 12:52 am 

    Definitely for me I enjoy the business path to enlightenment the most. I love the energy of it and the ongoing process of creation, overcoming obstacles, and facing new challenges every day. I guess the same can be said of relationships and most other pursuits, but for me my work is where I find the most enjoyment, so it’s where I learn the most because that’s where my passion tends to go.

    Doesn’t sound too good for my relationships does it. I’m working on this, trying to more generous and loving with the people in my life. Interestingly I find that having a creative life at work helps me be more giving with people.

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