Why Truth?

Why am I so relentless for the truth and why do I think you “should” be too?  (I don’t really think you should be anything, take your own journey, but I’d really love for you to be relentless for the truth because I know it will change your life and the world when you are.)

Because it’s the only way we can wake up from the spell and really live the lives we came here to experience.  Why did you incarnate on this planet at this time?

Do you really think it was just happenstance?  Well, I suppose some do.  I don’t.

I feel certain that we are each here for a very specific, very defined, very important purpose.  And that the more we become aware of what’s true for us and can really BE from that place, the more we will live that purpose.

When we each live in deep truth and connected to our own purpose for being, the world will change.  We won’t be fighting to get our needs met.  We will be meeting our needs.

When we are unaware of our truth or not being from a place of truth, we are compromised.  And ultimately, it hurts us individually and it hurts us collectively.

Sometimes, it can feel like it is more hurtful to be in truth. Because perhaps speaking truth will hurt another person’s feelings.  Or we fear seeing our own truth will cause us to do something that will hurt another person.  Or maybe knowing our own truth will result in some action that feels as if it will cause upheaval in our world.

Much of the time, our truth is hidden by our fear of how that truth will impact others.

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that your truth was so important and so welcome that everyone around you would understand.  That they wouldn’t take your truth personally and if they did, that it would be okay? How might that change your life?  Leave a comment, let’s talk about it.

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  1. CraigmollinsThursday, January 20, 2011 at 9:50 pm 

    Thanks for this inspiring post Alexis. It very much speaks to my heart, as living “authentically” as I put it to myself, has been a central part of what drives my life in the past five or so years. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to do this, and then something clicked for me. I woke up one day and realized that if I didn’t start now, it was never going to happen. About that time a number of things came together in my life and since then it has been an ‘unfolding’ of a journey, rather than a succession of events.

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