Can There Be Too Much Opportunity and Abundance? Yes, Thank You More, Please.

I’m in the abundance of so much right now and it’s both amazing and the most frightening space to be in.  I can see how easy it is to just shut down and push it all away because it feels so scary.

My journey at the moment is to keep saying “yes, thank you, more please!” to everything I receive (a gift I received from my dear friend Joy Love Light Honeybee who so embodies her name fully with this philosophy).

This is the training to hold the paradox within, which to me is the essence of living in truth.

To cry with a smile on my face, or at least in my heart. To make each moment of activity, action, and movement a living, walking, breathing meditation.

My journey is to feel the fear, feel the immense pressure, feel the sadness that comes from my mind telling me I am going to somehow f*ck all this goodness up and at the same time hold the awareness of truth that I could never really f*ck it up as long as I keep showing up for everything that comes and say “yes, thank you, more please” – learn from the experience, make real change inside as a result (by being more aware, more in the moment) and keep moving forward.

Oh, it is so simple for my mind to hijack that notion, my awareness, and ultimately my peace.

Though I do notice that it’s getting less and less easy for my mind to do it; lasting for shorter and shorter periods; allowing me to feel far more centered and aware far more of the time now.

I suspect that to some degree this is how it is for everyone. We all feel this pressure inside of us, this fear, and how we handle it depends on how much more we receive and of what.

Here are some of the different ways we can handle the pressure that comes from too much:

1. We can shut down and withdraw. Then we get less of what we have been getting – consider, do you really want less or are you just afraid?

2. We can feel the pressure and push it off on other people. This generally looks like yelling or acting out in some way – also results in less of whatever you have been getting.

3. We can feel the pressure, feel the feelings that come up around that pressure (fear, sadness), and put a smile in our heart knowing that the only way to heal is to feel. Thank you to my dear friend Richard Grossman for that deep lesson. We do not have to either withdraw into self or lash out in anger, but can of course stay centered in self.

We can just be with it – be with the pressure.

4.  And if we are really present and centered in ourSelves (higher self, presence, awareness), we can even say “Yes, Thank You, More Please!” while we feel what we are feeling and cry or laugh or just be quiet. We realize we do not have to withdraw, we do not have to lash out, and we can keep showing up for all the abundance and opportunity that is presented.

When we are really great at handling all the opportunity coming our way, we receive more.

The way I like to think of it is that we can live the internal, eternal moment through our day to day life. Take every single thing that comes and learn, grow and evolve to a new awareness.

If you feel like I have missed something here, I would love to hear about it in the comments. And if it totally makes sense for you and helps you in some way, let me know that too.

By the way, this is the whole premise of the Tribal Marketplace Game, which is what I sat down here to write about, but now have no time to go into.

I think it all ties in together because ultimately, so much of that pressure comes from our own internal fear voice. Part of how community supports us with that is with loving, direct, compassionate, honest, visceral, immediate feedback from which you can learn and grow.

And then, you can tell your fear voice (the source of so much of that uncomfortable pressure), “It’s okay, if we f*ck it up, our community has our back and will helps us course correct as painlessly as possible.”

I’ll post more about the Tribal Marketplace Game soon.  We have a Q&A call every week to talk about things like this and Eden Unplugged, which is coming up super soon.  If you are coming to hang with us, get your ticket.  If you are on our mailing list, you get info about all that stuff – sign up here and get some free resources I made for you too.

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  1. Andrea DealFriday, April 15, 2011 at 9:19 pm 

    Confidence has not come easily for me. I learned a few years ago that a person who I thought was only a minor character in my life as a child, had a huge effect on my perception of myself. I used to just say, “thank you”. Now that I have shaken this person out of head, I say, “yes” and “more please” too 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your fears so openly.

    Thank you also Alexis for making me feel like part of a community. The internet can often make one feel like they’re in a fishbowl at times. It’s so great to receive so much information on how to better one’s business and oneself from someone who feels like a part of your community!

    Warm blessings from the forest,
    Andrea Deal

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