Your Great Work … You Were Custom-Designed For This

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that we are each custom-designed for a very specific purpose on this planet. I call this purpose your Great Work. It’s the work you came here to do.

As I’m terming it, your Great Work is the divine combination of your inner work and your outer work. You may even think of it as your life purpose, and you could be surprised to find that a big part of discovering your Great Work can be found by mining your ancestry, inheritance and legacy.

Your inner work … the work you do on yourself to grow, to evolve your soul, to wake up to what’s real and true for you, to break free of the illusion.

You outer work … the way you put that work into service in the world.

Your ancestry, inheritance and legacy … the people you were born to and through.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying that is attributed to Richard Bach in Illusions  …  “we teach best what we most need to learn.”

And that my friend is where you find your Great Work.  The thing you were custom-designed to bring to the planet.

You find it in the lessons you most need to learn and continue to practice in your own life.

It’s been my experience that there is no better way to learn, evolve and grow from and with our most important lessons than by teaching those lessons and building a sustainable business model around doing it.

Every experience you’ve been given throughout your life – both “good” and “bad” – is  a gift to prepare you for what you are individually custom designed to bring.

Your Great Work incorporates what Gay Hendricks calls Your Zone of Genius in his book the Big Leap.  Dan Sullivan refers to it as your Unique Ability.  I’ve called it your Creative Genius.

When you are doing your Great Work, you are living all of that.

Are you ready to say yes to your Great Work? If so, do you know what it is yet? Have an inkling?  Or are you still just beginning to sense there may be something out there you were born to bring to the world?

I’d love to hear what it is for you and where you are with it. And, if you are truly wanting to live your Great Work and have that be in service to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, I encourage you to watch this guided meditation that will help you to see your role in such a world.

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