Your Backstage Pass

Welcome Backstage!

Since you made the decision to join us, I want to give you something juicy right away.  We are making a big investment (see the proposal and agreement below) in the rebrand, rebuild and rebirth of our online systems and it was a big decision to decide who to hire and what we would be working on.

As you might know, I’ve got two different business lines – one that serves lawyers and one that serves eyes wide open/evolutionary entrepreneurs, like you.

In many respects, these businesses are similar in that they are both online training companies that sell products and programs.  But they are different in that they serve totally different markets.

So I’ve had to consistently ask myself whether I had two different businesses or one business with two different markets.

I’ve ultimately concluded that I have two different businesses that require two different teams, corporations, bank accounts, and strategies.  The reason I concluded that is because they have two different product lines and two different market focuses. That helped me to tremendously to properly structure ownership of those companies going forward.

The lawyer training company is owned by my partner, Martha Hartney and by an irrevocable trust that I am the beneficiary of, but which Martha is the Trustee of.  I tell you that because it’s a totally legal asset protection strategy that ensures I never own any assets outright in my own name again, but can continue to do my Great Work in the world even though I am about to go through bankruptcy and get a fresh start.

We haven’t yet figured out exactly what we are doing with the entrepreneur training company from an ownership perspective, but those discussions are in the works. (If you want to follow along as we figure it all out, join our All-Access Membership and you’ll watch as it all comes together.)

As you may know, I took on $500,000+ of debt due to a series of bad business decisions before I knew what I now know about building and running businesses.

I stopped paying on the debt in August of 2011 when I decided I had to stop taking on private clients and doing business the way I was so I could use my Money Map system to get clear on what I really wanted from a place of freedom.

For far too long, I have been driven by my fear of hurting my credit score or running out of money. That had to stop.

Yes, I could have kept making lots and lots of money so I could keep paying on the debt and keep it all afloat, but that no longer felt purposeful to me. I was making too many decisions from the perspective that I “needed” to do it instead of because I wanted to do it.  That’s not the way I want to live my life.

In the past, I was motivated by fear. I built multi-million dollars worth of businesses because I was scared of not having enough.  But, I’m done with that.  I’m making a leap of consciousness, diving into all of everything I am afraid of, and making decisions based on what I most desire, not what I am most afraid of.

And, I will probably never fully own any company again myself.  Going forward, I want to collaborate, be in partnership and work with others, not do it all on my own.

So if you stick with me and join our All-Access Membership, you will get to see that evolution as well.

In the meantime, here are the pieces I promised you.

  1. The Unabridged Proposal we received from the web team we selected to work with us on the rebrand, rebuild and rebirth;
  2. An Audio Recording of a Call we had with the web team before making the decision to hire them (coming soon);
  3. The Deep Dive Questionnaire we will complete before we begin our work with the web team (you can use this yourself before hiring anyone to rebrand or rebuild your websites in the future and save tons of time and money).
  4. The final timeline, agreement and schedule for our rebrand, rebuild and rebirth.
  5. The wireframes!  Never, ever, ever have a website built without wireframes. We went through a whole process for choosing the layout we did here.  You can check that process out via our All-Access membership and see the final wireframes here.  Yum.

We had a lot of decisions when it came to how to handle the rebrand, rebuild and rebirth of these businesses.  One company charges $30,000 + 15% of sales ongoing (for those of you in All-Access I’ll share their proposal in the next few weeks), another wanted $3,000 per month and 15% of sales ongoing, and then of course there was the possibility of just doing it all ourselves, in-house.

Ultimately, we decided to go for the whole rebrand, rebuild and rebirth instead of doing it ourselves piecemeal and to hire Marisa Murgatroyd of Live Your Message for a few reasons:

1. I love what she has done for her own business (I’m a huge fan of hiring people who have actually done what you want to do);

2. She is a student of Brendon Burchard, one of the guys who really knows his stuff when it comes to online business systems;

3. Every single person I spoke with about her gave her the most glowing references (and in the past I have not been good about checking references and got burned big time);

4. She was very straight up and honest about ongoing maintenance and why she doesn’t take a percentage of future revenue.

So, if you want to get behind the scenes with us and watch the whole process (including the deep dive day we’ll have with her to kick it all of), the 14 working sessions we’ll have with her along the way, and everything else we’ll be doing to rebuild these businesses, get on board with our all-access pass now.

Join our All-Access Membership Pass and you’ll get weekly behind the scenes workshops with us as we rebrand, rebuild and rebirth, plus join us for the full, live Deep Dive Day with our web strategy team, plus our 7 sessions with Facebook Ads guru Dennis Rosenberg, and a whole lot more!

This All-Access Pass will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours as you build your own online systems.  Not only do you receive coaching from me and my team, but you also watch as we go through the process and do it right along with us — I paid $100,000 to get behind the scenes in the businesses of Ali Brown, Kendall Summerhawk, Lisa Sasevich, Sheri McConnell and JJ Virgin and it paid off.  Now you can do the same for a tiny fraction of the investment.

Here’s what a few of our members are saying about the All-Access Membership:

I’m in the early stages of starting an online business. I joined the All-Access call this morning and wow, this is exactly what I need – a backstage pass to really see and learn the nuts and bolts of starting and running a business. I learned so much from just one call. What a unique learning platform! Thanks Alexis for making this possible.”  — Niroshha Nimalasuriya

“I am in the middle of writing a business plan and just realized I have the org charts in Money Map to help me build the “Personnel Plan” (gotta love the old paradigm languaging on the standard biz plan templates!!). I have seriously learned SO MUCH from it. Just had an incredible wave of gratitude for you and Money Map and thought I’d share. ♥”  — Lisa Berkovitz

Thank you for allowing me to sit behind the curtain with you and your staff.  Today’s call was a very different format than other types of coaching calls. I’m not just getting immense quantities of “How To” thrown at me, I’m being shown what I need, based on my abilities and where I am in the process.   Ali, I always come away from contact with you with a renewed sense of ability. It amazes me how much I learn and the deep caring I experience from you. Thank you deeply for your true Heart and willingness to bring it to the business table. I look forward to connecting each week.” — Maggi Quinlan, Ph.D.

I have to tell you how deeply you have moved me. You are one of the most authentic, loving and truly powerful, knowledgeable people I have ever known. You are such a gift to all of us and I profoundly thank you for what you are doing. You ARE doing your great work helping all of us get our great works off the ground in the most beneficial ways with all of your incredible business/ life experience – especially as an attorney and your financial know how. You are a joy to listen to. You are also extremely intuitive and it shines through as well as your spiritual knowledge and language.  Many thanks!!!!!!!!” — Christie Fisher

I really enjoyed this morning’s call and learned several new things. It was informative, educational, and especially inspiring, because of the transparency and authenticity of you and your team. Thanks for the generous inside view of your business, and valuable insights about lead generation and email list building!” — Shirley Rawson

Hope to see YOU on the inside!