Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses … Which B-School Bonus is Best for You?

2015 Update: go here to see our best ever B-School Bonus so you can Join B-School With Your Eyes Wide Open.


2014 Update: go here to see our B-School Bonus Round-up for 2014 plus our SUPER bonus that will put the OOMPH in your business foundation post-B-School.


Marie Forleo’s highly-acclaimed B-School launched today.  It’ll be the only time this year that you can join, so if you want in, get in while the gettin’ is good miss lady.

Here’s an interview Marie and I recorded that will help you decide whether B-School is right for your particular entrepreneurial archetype and stage of business.

And, when you use my link to join Marie Forleo’s B-School I’m giving you a great big juicy bonus that includes your choice of either private time with me or my LIFT Foundation System plus even more. (More on that below.)

Private time with me is impossible to get these days, yet I make a handful of it available for Marie’s B-Schoolers because I know if you are doing B-School, you can hugely benefit from a private integration session with me and I’ll love guiding you to that next step.

Just to be clear, if you decide my bonus is the one you want, this is the link you need to use:

I’ll tell ya, the bonuses are almost as exciting as the course itself.  And, if I were in your shoes, it’d be hard to choose.  So I’ve decided to write up a “which B-School bonus is right for me” review for you to help you decide.

Note: this is not an exhaustive survey of all the bonuses being offered out there.  These are the biggest and best bonuses I’ve seen.  If you have a bonus you’d like me to add, just email me at [email protected] and I’ll consider adding it.

Bonus #1: Danielle LaPorte’s Very Big B-School Bonus

  • The Desire Map Program (regularly $170)
  • Your Big Beautiful Book Plan (regularly $150)
  • The Fire Starter Sessions trinity: a copy of the hardcover book + the digital version for your iPad, Kindle or Nook + the audio edition for your iPod — that’s 7 full hours of motivation, baby. ($76)
  • The Mini Fire Starter Retreat. After your B-School graduation, you’ll receive access to a private online retreat, only for people who purchased B-School through me. From philosophy to software, I’ll take you behind-the-scenes of my business like no one’s seen before.

According to Danielle, “That’s over $500 in B-School Bonus love. Boom.”  Dollar-wise that’s not a lot, BUT the Mini Fire Starter Retreat makes it very interesting. Danielle put that together as a special JUST FOR B-Schoolers and if you know me, I always love to get behind the scenes.

I’d choose this bonus package if I didn’t want or need one to one support.  If you tend to get overwhelmed by lots of information, this may not be the best package for you because it does come with a lot of info on top of all the info you’ll be getting in B-School. 

Bonus #2: Kate Northrup’s Heart Hustle B-School Bonus:

In the Spring, Kate and her honey will offer a course called Heart Hustle — Make a Profit and a Difference. It’ll sell for $400, but when you use her link, you’re getting it for free.

If you are a Kate fan and would be planning to buy her course anyway, her bonus could be a goodie for you.

Bonus #3: Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame B-School Bonus:

 As you probably know, Laura is the original co-founder of B-School with Marie and she’s been a long-time friend of mine. In fact, I take a little bit of pride in catalyzing the Marie/Laura partnership that led to B-School because Laura called me up before investing in hiring Marie as a coach and asked me whether she should do it.  My advice to Laura?  Yes, go for it. Marie will support you to get to the next level with your business and you’ve got to invest to get there.

She was nervous (as we all are when we are making big investments in ourself without any guarantee of results), but she did it and boy oh boy did her business jump to the next level.

In fact, that’s what led to the Marie Forleo/Laura Roeder partnership that resulted in the first two years of B-School.

After B-School, Laura created a program called Creating Fame, showing you how to use social media to become what she calls “business famous.” She’s giving you that program + her Fame Camp bootcamp when you use her link to join Marie’s B-School.

That’s $2,500 worth of programs making Laura’s bonus a big money winner.  You should use Laura’s bonus if you want to make the most of social media.

Bonus #4: Heather Allard “the Mogul Mom” B-School Bonus:

Heather’s got some cool bonuses for you, especially if you want to reach the mom market with your product or service.   I especially like that you’ll get advertising on her site.  If you need that, this could be a good bonus for you.

  • free one year listing in The Mogul Mom Marketplace (A $250 value)
  • free one year membership in The Mogul Mom Community (A $228 value but worth so much more – this group will blow you away with its love, laughter, support + kick-ass business advice)
  • free copy of Get Famous, Get Retail Ready, and Get Started from The Mogul Mom Shop ($111 value)
  • free recording of our Choosing + Using the Right Social Media for Your Business teleseminar ($19 value)
  • A free multi-site license to my soon-to-be-released premium WordPress plugin,May We Suggest ($47 value) that’ll make promoting your posts + products a breeze
  • THREE months of free advertising in the “Recommended” section on the sidebar of (A $450 value that will put your ad in front of over 35,000 visitors per month!)
  • Once you complete the full B-School program, a $50 Kiva donation will be made in your name through The Mogul Mom lending team.  ($50 value…but really, priceless.)

Bonus #5: Mine. 🙂 The Eyes Wide Open B-School Bonus with Alexis Neely

My bonus is your choice of either a private integration session with me to structure out the specifics of your business model post B-School (because everything is going to be different and you are going to want to uplevel big time) — read what Anasstasia Grace had to say about it here.


You can receive my LIFT Foundation System so you can build your business with a solid foundation of all the legal, insurance, financial and tax stuff you know you are going to need, but don’t know how to do.  This program will save you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes and sells for $1,997.

My private time isn’t available at any price, so we’ll call that one priceless.

Now, here’s the deal on the private integration session. I only have room for ten of those. I’ll update this space so you’ll know how many are left.  Once ten people choose it, they are gone. First-come/first-serve, baby.

Plus, I’m also going to give you 60 days of high level consulting, support, guidance and wisdom in my Eyes Wide Open coaching program.  That’s $250/mo and you’ll be with us for 2 months, gratis. That program includes every other week coaching calls with me PLUS weekly behind-the-scenes team training calls so you can actually watch us as we grow our business so you can model how we do it as you grow yours.  Our members LOVE this.

You can begin that after B-School and after your private time with me, so I can give you ongoing support after we lay out the perfect business model for you.

Plussssss, you’ll also get immediate access to our Eyes Wide Open private Facebook group with a group of entrepreneurs who are committed to living life and doing business with their Eyes Wide Open. They are the perfect networking and practice group for you that is more intimate than the huge B-School community and I show up their quite frequently to give on the spot guidance and direction.

If you want my B-School bonus, use this link to get it:

So, take your pick. Which of these bonuses is the best bonus for you?  It really depends where you are in your life and business going into B-School and what will serve your experience the most.

Danielle, Kate, Laura, Heather or me? You really can’t go wrong.  Was this helpful? I’d love to hear what you decide.

PS — you do know that we are able to put together these bonuses for you because Marie’s company will pay our companies a commission on every sale we make.  In case you aren’t hip to that yet, it’s called affiliate marketing and it’s the best business model for those of you with the Star/Connector Entrepreneurial Archetype. Don’t know your archetype? Listen to a couple of calls I hosted around the New Year about the Entrepreneurial Archetypes here.


  1. Laura RoederThursday, February 21, 2013 at 6:01 am 

    Thanks for the shout-out! I forgot that I called you about hiring Marie, you always give me good advice 🙂

  2. Heather AllardThursday, February 21, 2013 at 3:12 pm 

    Ali, you are so awesome to share my bonuses. I sincerely appreciate it. 🙂


  3. Jadah | Simple Green SmoothiesWednesday, February 27, 2013 at 6:26 pm 

    Thanks for breaking it down. Decisions, decisions… 🙂

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