Can You Create True Security for Your Parents and, As a Result, Contribute to Creating a World That Works for Everyone?

Want access to all the resources you need to create a world that works for everyone? Change your relationship w/ your parents.

Here’s the “normal” relationship:
Your parents did a crappy job of raising you. You blame them for it and find yourself in patterns that keep you from living up to your full potential. It’s their fault, of course. And you don’t want them to get away with it, so you keep throwing it in their face.

They feel guilty because they believe they didn’t do a great job as parents. And you keep validating that. So they don’t trust you. Because they don’t trust you, they hoard their resources. They need to make sure they have enough for retirement and their last years to take care of themselves because they don’t believe you will take care of them.

Your anger and vitriol about how they raised you confirms their belief that even if you would take care of them, it wouldn’t feel good. So they make back up plans.

Secretly (or not secretly) they worry they do not have enough to take care of them independently. And, in truth, they probably don’t. This creates a fear and pain body that they constantly project on to you because they don’t know how to face their fear directly. They are desperately afraid they will have to rely on you, you will reject them and they will be alone.

As things stand, they are probably right. And, even if they aren’t, you are likely sub-consciously reinforcing this fear as a way of getting back at them for how they parented you.

This has to stop. This dynamic is creating a world that works for no one.

Scarcity, fear, lack, limitation, blame, guilt, shame, doubt and unworthiness are the name of the game in this paradigm. Nobody wins.

So, what can we do instead?

We can create a world that truly does work for everyone.

In this new world, you step up and recognize that you are more evolved than your parents. You no longer blame or judge them for the way they parented you. Instead, you are able to see that they did the best they could with the tools they had and that if they hadn’t done things exactly as they had, you would not have evolved to where you are right now.

And, just by way of the fact that you are reading this right now, and you are still here reading, you are pretty far along on the evolutionary scale. You are waking up. Moving into a state of consciousness that is beyond the story and truly does see into the matrix.

So, this is one step on the path to breaking free.

Realize now, your parents lack of evolution and failures in parenting made you the sensitive, aware, highly evolved being you are today. Thank you mom and dad.

From this space of awareness, you are able to say “Mom and dad, I’m going to take care of you. I forgive you for all the things I’ve blamed you for and I’m going to make sure you are taken care of in your last year’s, in a way that feels good to you. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Hearing that, your parents relax. They no longer harass you. Instead, they trust you. They are willing to make investments in you and even support you to fail faster so you can learn more and grow more quickly.

When you are ready and have a really good investment to make that will take you to your next level, you can even say “It would really help me to be able to take care of you, if you invested in me to [insert specific use of funds that would be beneficial to your growth and evolution]. I might fail, but I will learn from this failure and I will get up and do it again with more information, more insight and more awareness.”

When you shift your relationship with your parents and uplevel from blame, victimization and anger to one of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and, on a practical level, let them know you’ve got them, we are one massive step closer to creating a world that works for everyone.

Are you in?

If so, make today the day you tell your parents “I’ve got you.” And show them they can trust you to truly follow through on that promise. When you’ve done so, the real riches and abundance of the world open to you, and to all of us.

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