Four Years. Go.

The next four years are going to pass us by, just like the last four did and the four hundred before that.

But if they do without us doing something different on a mass level, things could get quite uncomfortable for our future generations.

Four Years – it’s long enough for us to make a difference and too short for us to lose focus.

Do you believe we can do it?

I do.  It starts with you. And me.  All of us.

Watch this video made by a group called “Four Years. Go.”  They are enlisting the support of people like you and me who are committed to addressing the most serious problems we face.

Then, share it liberally. You can refer people to this YouTube link, or share a link to this post. Just do something.

Check out to learn more about the group of people, just like you and me, who are making this happen.  And join the movement.

Commit to doing something specific over the next four years.  Be part of the solution.

Begin by helping to spread the word about this campaign.  I am.

And, then, I’m going to develop a sustainable farm in my community.  I’ll keep ya posted on that one.

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