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Eben Pagan sure does know what’s up when it comes to creating information products.  And he’s breaking it all down for you in his 10-week Guru Product Blueprints course, plus giving you many of his top-selling information products to model.  You know all about the rave reviews, massive breakthroughs and forward action.

But, I think you also know that no matter how great the course is, there’s something else you are going to need to put it all into action — nope, not a whole lot more stuff about list-building or social media or branding — you’re gonna need (and want) personal, one-on-one support to get you into action.

For some of us (myself included), no matter how phenomenal an online course is, without the one-on-one, I’m stuck.

Well, my friend, let this be your enticement to dive over the edge and say yes to yourself – because when you enter your name and email address here and then use my link to get Eben’s program, I’m giving you a bonus package that is so hot I had to keep it private. And there’s only twelve of em’ available because, yes, it includes private time with me — and I’m off the market otherwise.

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PS. my friend — wondering why I’m asking for your name and email?

It’s because I’m in this for the relationship. Whether you join Eben’s course or not, I’m interested in you and your evolution so after you send me your name and email, I’m gonna email you and I want you to hit reply and tell me about yourself and where you are on the journey.

 I may just hit you back with a nugget that will shift you into fast action.  And you’ll receive periodic hits of inspiration and resources from me at least one of which is going to land at JUST the right time to bring you peace of mind, ease and grace when you most need it. Just so you know a bit about me and my journey into this world of information products and why you just might be the luckiest person alive if you do get one of the 12 open private time slots with me:

— Summer 2006: Invested $15,000 to create my first information product + invested $5,000 in advertising. Sold: 2 or 3 at $397/each.  BIG loss of time and money.

— November 2006: Learned from my mistakes and sold $117,000 worth of my second information product in 67 minutes and it wasn’t even complete yet, no inventory, limited production costs and no risk. HUGE win.

— December 2006-2009: Went on to leverage that first product sale into more than $5,000,000 worth of sales of information products, programs and courses with the wrong business model. (The money was great, but I was trapped.)  PAINFUL realization.

— January 2010 — present: Learned from my mistakes, revamped my business model and today have the life of my dreams — authentic, real, uncompromising, with loads of love, community, abundance, support and regular transcendent experiences. MASSIVE rewards.

Now I’m passing on those rewards to you.

My mistakes cost me dearly, but I made them so you do not have to. 

Getting on the phone with me could save you years of wasted energy as I point you to the most direct path from where you are to where you want to go.

Our private time together will both make you and save you loads of time, energy and money as I give you the low down on what you really need to build your first information product into a multiple-revenue streams, highly leveraged and supported business model you can count on no matter what. I’ve tried every single business model there is (online and offline) for service-focused professionals.

I know what works, what doesn’t and the exact next steps to get you where you want to go. Only use my link to invest in Eben’s Course if you want to turn your information product into a sovereign home-based business that deeply serves the world and you can do from anywhere.

If you are considering Eben’s course for any other reason (including the idea that you will get rich quick), do not use this link.

If you use this link, the affiliate commission I receive buys you priceless private time with me to turn make the smart decisions that will turn your information product into a business you can count on, no matter what.

Name and email in the box to get access to the bonus of private time with me when you invest in Eben’s Guru Product Blueprints course:

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