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Hey love,

If you’ve been around these parts awhile you know I paid Ali Brown $100,000 to be part of her mastermind/coaching program in 2009. Yep, $100,000! Why? Because of all the women online marketers out there, she was the most innovative, systematic and forward-thinking.

And now you can get Ali’s guidance for a tiny fraction of what I paid through her Thrive program PLUS get three juicy bonuses from me worth over $3,500 (including priceless and unavailable private time with me). (Read on to find out how to get these bonuses)

What is the Thrive program exactly?

Well, Ali’s taken *everything* she’s learned from working with thousands of women entrepreneurs over the years, and put it into a solid, year-long program combining education, information, inspiration, and advice from Ali and her Elevate coaches.

It’s everything she knows women need to Thrive in their business!

You’ll get solid strategies on how to grow a moneymaking business you love, along with the chance to get your questions answered, combined with an active community of success-minded women from around the world.

It’s pretty impressive. I won’t take more time here though, because if you are here, you have probably already seen Video 4 in her series that lays it all out for you.  If you haven’t, go here now:

She walks her talk, so you don’t want to miss this special invitation. It won’t be available for long, and she’s throwing in over $4,200 worth of bonuses to help you boost your business PLUS I’m giving you my own $3,500 ++ in bonuses when you use my link to join (including priceless private time with me).

*** Important! You must clear your cookies before using this link to get my bonus. And it’s worth it —
I guarantee it’s the best bonus out there AND it’s got priceless private time with me. ***

But, I think you know that no matter how great the course is, there’s something else you are going to need to put it all into action — nope, not a whole lot more stuff about list-building or social media or branding — you’re gonna need (and want) personal, one-on-one support to get you into action.

For some of us gals (myself included), no matter how incredible an online course is, without the one-on-one, I’m stuck.

Well, lady love, let this be your enticement to dive over the edge and say yes to yourself – because when you enter your name and email address here and then use my link to join Ali’s program, I’m giving you a bonus package that is so hot I had to keep it private.

And there’s only ten of em’ available because, yes, it includes private time with me — and I’m off the market otherwise. Here’s the deal — you need to make sure to enter your name and email here with me for specific instructions on how to use my link because Ali’s affiliate program is set up a little different than most and I want to make sure you get my bonus.

Enter Your Name and Best Email For All the Yummy Details Of What’s Included in My Bonus:


PS love — wondering why I’m asking for your name and email? It’s because I’m in this for the relationship. Whether you join Ali’s Thrive program or not, I’m interested in you and your path to growth so after you send me your name and email, I’m gonna email you and I want you to hit reply and tell me about yourself and where you are on the journey. It’s likely I will hit you back with a nugget that will shift you into fast action.

PPS — Here’s what a couple women said about their private time with me after going through Marie Forleo’s (also coached by Ali) B-School program:

“Thank you so much for the call today. I can’t tell you enough how thankful and excited I am. Putting a trademark on my business name, and having you validate it as a good name was so impactful. Thank you!. I also feel so motivated to get this private group going too. I am going to put my effort into doing that and getting a better opt in up on my website. I am just so refreshed from the call. Thank you!”

“Had an incredible call today with Alexis. She helped me to bring together the last few pieces of the puzzle, that I’ve been unable to get clarity on. Much love and appreciation, Alexis!”

So enter your name and email up above to get all the details on my bonus — it’s got even more than just priceless private time with me — and then make sure to clear your cookies and use this link to join today.

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