Script of the Day: Honey, We Need an Agreement

I’ve been talking with lots of business owners lately who have shyly admitted to me that they are working on projects with other people without agreements in place.

I’ve seen first-hand the destruction that can cause and I recorded an important audio program to go along with my Personal Brand and Relationship Protection Agreement.

You can get a copy of the agreement and the audio here.

In the audio, I cover:

* How to break through the fear of presenting an agreement to people you are entering into relationship with (this audio will eliminate your fear).

* How the agreement process helps you get clear about whether you want to work with the person you are entering into a relationship with or not before you are too entangled to get out.

*  How having agreements strengthens and enhances your relationships.

* Why it’s not fair to anyone to expect to rely on memory about what we agreed to do and what we expect.

* How to back up your hope, faith and trust with action.

* How to use the agreement process to invite open-hearted dialogue and establish the communication foundation for your entire relationship.

* What to do if you simply cannot do it.

* How to make sure you don’t get sidelined by a blind spot (and what to do if you do).

In the meantime, here’s a script you can (and should) use with everyone you care about, before you do ANYthing together from a business perspective:

“I really want to do this thing with you. Before we can though, we need to have an agreement in writing because our friendship is too valuable to me to do it any other way.”

If you really do care about your friendships, do this. Really.