Balancing, Juggling and Keeping All the Balls in the Air

juggleI’m in the midst of a 2-day planning retreat to map out 2009 and boy, is my life complicated!

My boyfriend lives in Atlanta, where he has two kids of his own.

Fortunately, his business is run from his laptop, which means he can come out to stay with me every other week.  But, he also has a business partner in Richmond he has to go see at least once a month.

Plus, both of us run coaching groups.  Mine are for lawyers who want to  serve their clients in a more holistic, caring way, while they make more money and work less.  His are for business owners and professionals who have something to say and want to make money with their message.

Not to mention, as of right now, I’m speaking at three events next year, attending a training to become certified in helping people discover their passions, beginning a course with Reverend Michael at my Church, hosting my own marketing event, writing my second book, attending three live events with my new mentor, and continuing to pitch (or maybe begin?) my television show.

Oh, and of course, taking care of the kids and running my businesses.  AND, perhaps most exciting of all, launching a new business for millionaire mom entrepreneurs or those who want to be.  More on that one soon.

And, of course we will be taking some vacations – on the schedule already we’ve got Mammoth in early February to ski, Chicago over the summer (I know, not the best time of the year), and of course Burning Man!

Whew, what a year!

This kind of a year doesn’t happen without some serious planning.

So, Dave and I spent the entire day yesterday plotting it all out on big fold out calendars from Franklin Covey.

The cool thing is that even with all of that happening, I can feel I’ll have plenty of time and space for myself, to deepen my spiritual practices, to do yoga and pilates, and to spend time alone.

How is that?

It’s all about choices.  I choose to fill my life with things that inspire me, excite me, and fill me with more energy.   And, I let go of all the rest.  Amazingly, the more I do that, the more I find room for more of what I love and supports my highest purpose.

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  1. Amy MiyamotoWednesday, December 10, 2008 at 11:46 pm 

    It sounds like 2009 is going to be a very exciting and dynamic year for you. The more I learn of your vision for your future and the contributions you plan to make in the world the more parallels I can see between us. I am excited to read more about your work with Janet Atwood, Rev M.B. and your Millionaire Moms business venture. That sounds right up my alley!
    P.S. I look forward to reading your book and sending you feedback.
    On twitter @LotusAmy

  2. Sarah RobinsonThursday, December 11, 2008 at 2:04 am 

    Love it Alexis! One of the first coaching lessons I work on with my clients is Making Choices. So hard to do but soooo freeing!

    My computer is doing funky things when I click on links but I think you’re saying that you got into the Diamond Mastermind!! Well Done:)

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