Big Network Interest, My Babies Are Growing Up, and CopyCats

I don’t feel like writing today, but there’s so much to tell, I’ve just go to do it.  There’s some great business stuff after the family stuff, so keep reading.

First, and most importantly, my baby girl read her first book for fun yesterday!  A little background here.  She’s been struggling to read.  She’s almost 9 and was reading at a 1st grade level.  When I was 9, I was reading adult level books.  I LOVE to read.  It’s been difficult for both of us.

Yesterday, she had 12 pages left in a Jake Drake book and she couldn’t wait to finish them to find out what happens!  Ah, yes. Next up Encyclopedia Brown and then Chocolate Fever.

This whole routine thing may really be working.

What routine thing?  Well, I’m not a routine person.  And for the past three years, my kids have been shuttling back and forth between my house and ex-hubby’s house, so routine has been a little missing in our lives.

Well, this year, it’s all changed.  The kids are with me full time and we are full on following a routine.  Dinner, bath, brush teeth, reading, bed.  Lights out by 8:30p.  It works!  Who knew?

Got a phone call from Noah’s Kindy teacher at the end of the day today that he left school in tears.  He decided he didn’t want to take the bus home and instead wanted to stay at school and get picked up with Kaia and go with her to tutoring.

Only problem was, he decided this at the very end of the day during pick up.  The teachers just couldn’t accommodate.  He tried to use his best crying to get his way.  They said so sorry, but you’re getting on the bus.  Good lesson for him.

It looks like we’ve got some potential big network interest on the TV Show.  Woohoo.  Of course, it could mean nothing.  But, we’re going to meet with the network on Tuesday of next week.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’ve heard TLC and Oprah’s new network bandied about as possibilities.  Wow.

So, what do you think about copycats?

I know being copied is supposed to be the best compliment.  And, I’ve sure done my share of copying, but never have I copied someone in my own industry directly.  It’s happening to me now on two fronts and I’m trying to ignore it, but you can see how well I’m doing by the fact that I’m writing about it.

One of the women actually came to watch me present and then went out and launched herself as a Personal Family Lawyer.  We’ve got the trademark on that, so we put the kiboch on her using the name, but she’s still out there in Los Angeles marketing to parents right in my backyard.  It’s fine, but why not just join us instead of copying us?   I went to sponsor an event and she had beat us to it.  The shitty part about it is that this event reaches parents all over Los Angeles County (we have lawyer’s all over LA County) and she’s only in one small part.

The other is also a lawyer and she’s started a website for moms and a lawyer’s marketing website. Weird I tell ya.  Weird!  Why compete when you can collaborate?  There’s plenty of pie for everyone when you work together.  When you don’t, there’s less for everyone.  Boo.

Last, but far from least, CNBC has been calling to have me on every week. Yay!  I’m gonna be on again tomorrow.  Keep an eye out.

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