Burning Man Ready? Not Quite Yet!

So, it just occurred to me that Burning Man is in two weeks and I’m not prepared.  Sure, I’ve got the RV rented.  And, I’ve got my driving buddies.  Food list is fairly ready to go.

But, I’ve got nothing to wear!

So, I spent the evening doing a little online browsing and here’s some of what I’m considering.  Final decisions will be made in the light of day:

I’ve always wanted pink dreads.  But, I opted  to become a lawyer instead.  Burning Man is all about self expression, so this may be my chance to have the hair of my dreams.

I’m thinking it will go really well with the Fuzzy Pink leg warmers that I’m planning on wearing over fishnets with a short short skirt.

Perhaps, I should go with the multi-color version …

But, then, I’m not sure what color my skirt should be.   Maybe the answer is to get a rainbow set that includes the skirt.

Only problem with that is that the designer is in Australia and I’m not sure there’s time to get it here from Australia.

That about sums up the sexy wear I’m looking at.

Oh wait, that’s a lie.  I’ve already put in an order for this hot bustier from Jude at Sparkle Plenty Creations

I’m definitely considering a full length cloak, just waiting to hear back from a couple of the designers.  If you are looking for amazing handmade clothes, by the way, check out Etsy, which is where I’ve done most of my shopping.

Here’s the cloak I’m considering.  I figure I can wear it over everything I’ve got and it’s instant cool (and warm!)

So, no final decisions tonight.  I’ll look over everything again tomorrow when I’m not so exhausted.  One thing’s for sure, I’m getting super excited!


  1. consultgalWednesday, August 13, 2008 at 1:25 am 

    Pink dreads, yes.

    I hate furry stuff so can’t help with any of that though you certainly won’t be alone in that attire!

    Cloak, yes.

    Bustier, yes.

    See you there!

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