Can 10 or So Women (Moms) Build a Co-Business On a Radically New Model?

About a year ago, I caught a vision of a business that would get moms talking about money and business.  I frequently have visions like this come through, but this one didn’t just come through, it hung on.  Kept coming back.

I’ve already got a couple of businesses though and knew I couldn’t invest the time and energy necessary to give this one what it would need.

I set the intention to find someone I could build it with and shortly afterward thought I found just the right person in the mastermind group I had begun to participate in.  But, as we began to move forward she discovered a renewed commitment to her own business and handed the project back to me.

Rather than taking the whole thing on myself, I let it go once again, trusting that when the time was right it would happen.   (BTW, that’s generally a difficult thing for me to do – when I catch a vision and it sticks, I have a strong drive to move forward on it, which is how I end up doing so many things – but, I began to exercise patience, restraint and, yes, trust.)

It looks like the time might be right now.  IF 10 or so moms can come together to truly build something extraordinary based on a radically new business model of trust, common values, and without ego.

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself connecting with a community of mompreneurs who are each individually committed to serving moms in business.  A couple of these moms are already doing that in their own primary businesses.  A few are doing it in the way I am here, when they can fit it in amongst their other primary business activities.  A few want to serve moms in business, but haven’t figured out how it fits in with everything else they are doing.

We’ve gotten on the phone twice now to birth the beginnings of something that has the power to be transformational for mommy business™ owners throughout the world, if we can move beyond our own egoic desires for recognition and validation.  And when I talk about “we”, that by all means includes me.

As moms of young children and business owners, we are pulled in so many directions.  To even think about building something that will impact the world on the level I’m visioning will require full cooperation and using our greatest tools for working together.

It will give each of us real life opportunity to show up as the embodiment of our highest selves.  What does that look like when real life restrictions of time and money are present and we are coming together to build a business that creates real change and is far greater than any one of us individually?

I look forward to finding out!

The ultimate mommy business™ we birth is one in which all owners of the business will be equal.

Conflicts will be worked out with open communication.  Additional c0-business owners will be added only upon 100% consensus of everyone involved.  Participation is and always will be 100% voluntary  – our governing agreement will have clear provisions about what contribution looks like and clear “out” provisions for those who are not able to continue to contribute.

Some will contribute money.  Others time.  Each of us, our deepest gifts.

Is it really possible?  I believe so.  I’m holding the space and the vision.  And I say yes!


  1. margaretSunday, August 23, 2009 at 3:27 am 

    I’d love to know more.
    and I’d love to be involved.
    My website is
    and I’m aussi parenting expert.

  2. HelenaFriday, August 28, 2009 at 10:27 pm 

    You have piqued my interest. What is the business?

  3. Sarah RobinsonTuesday, September 1, 2009 at 3:16 pm 

    Hey Alexis!
    I know you are at Burning Man but I wanted to tell you I am IN! August has left me behind and I need to communicate with the group. But this is my very public declaration!

  4. Jody MaleyThursday, September 3, 2009 at 10:52 pm 

    I was just cruising through my RSS feeds and came across your post! I would love some more info!
    Jody In Beautiful BC

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