The most incredible online business advice he ever received

Jonathan of recently interviewed me for his new Customer Love program.

After the interview, he wrote this blog post in which he says the interview with me was the most incredible online business advice he ever received. I like hearing that.
And I especially like hearing it from Jonathan because he was a skeptic when he first met me. He had me pegged as an “evil internet marketer,” but since working
with me now says I am “one of the most transparent, authentic and inspiring mentors that has come into my life recently.”

That ROCKS!  I’m finally being who and how I want to be in the world without compromise and people around me are feeling it deeply.  Nothing better than that,
especially after the pain of not being seen that way by the people I worked with for so long because I was not in alignment with my truth.

So anyway, Jonathan recapped all the advice for you so you can take it and use it even if you don’t join his program and get to see the interview live. You can read
it and put it into action here.

But, here’s my recommendation – join Customer Love. It’s SUPER inexpensive.  You’ll get to watch the video interview I did with Jonathan, which I do agree may
have some of the best online business advice I’ve ever given all in one place.  And the Customer Love program will guide you to get really clear about what your
customers actually want and then go out and create your first product for them so you can go from being a blogger to being an entrepreneur.  Yes, really.

You can do it by simply loving your customers.

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